Stand-to-Pee Packer (STP Packer)

Last Updated: May 30, 2017

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Definition - What does Stand-to-Pee Packer (STP Packer) mean?

A stand-to-pee (STP) packer is a phallic object worn in the front of the pants that gives the appearance of a penis and has the functionality to allow the wearer (often a trans man) to urinate while standing. Stand-to-pee packers incorporate a receptacle that is inserted under and against the wearer's urethra. The packer has a tube from the receptacle to the tip, which allows the wearer to urinate through the packer.

Kinkly explains Stand-to-Pee Packer (STP Packer)

Stand-to-pee devices come in various forms and can be retrofitted out of certain regular soft packers. Instructions for creating an STP packer can be found online.

The stand-to-pee-packer is most commonly used by trans* masculine, gender queer, or gender non-conforming people, who are seeking a packer that can also be used to urinate standing up. That said, it can be used by anyone of any gender identity or body-type wishing to combine the appearance of a penis with added functionality. The stand-to-pee-packer is incredibly helpful in alleviating some of the anxieties that trans* people can experience around using public bathrooms. It is imperative that stand-to-pee-packer users take note of care and cleaning instructions. If a stand-to-pee-packer isn’t cleaned regularly, its continued use can lead to a urinary tract infection.

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