Last Updated: May 23, 2016

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Definition - What does Odontophilia mean?

Odontophilia is a sexual fetish involving erotic arousal, urges, and fantasies involving teeth. This fetish may involve licking or biting someone’s teeth, biting someone and leaving an imprint of teeth on their skin, or removal of teeth. Someone with this fetish is called an odontophiliac. The word is derived from the Greek prefix “odonto,” meaning tooth and the Greek suffix “philia,” meaning a love or obsession with.

Kinkly explains Odontophilia

While odontophiliacs rarely go to the extreme length of removing teeth from lovers, this fetish can be satisfied in more subtle ways. In addition to licking teeth and biting, persons with this fetish may enjoy BDSM mouth gags derived from dentistry like the Whitehead or Jennings gag. Similarly, they may seek out partners with braces, retainers, fillings, crowns, vampire fangs, who are willing to share dental x-rays, etc. It isn’t uncommon for porn websites with kink and fetish content to include “braces” as a sub-genre of porn.

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