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Updated: MARCH 23, 2022
Reviewed by Kinkly Staff
on February 8, 2020

Milking is the act of massaging the prostate gland through the anus to encourage ejaculation. This act may be done for sexual pleasure or medical reasons. Although the studies supporting prostate massage are fairly small, it has been used as a treatment for painful ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, prostatis and urine flow issues. Prostate massage has also been touted as a way to prevent prostate cancer, although there currently isn't a lot of research to support this.

Because the prostate is part of the sexual response cycle, massaging it can be very pleasurable and lead to powerful orgasms. For most people massing their own prostates, they do so for sexual enjoyment, although the potential health benefits are an added bonus.

Milking is also sometimes called a prostate massage.


More About Milking

To milk your partner’s prostate, insert a finger or more inside the anus. Feel for the prostate, a raised area at least one inch inside the anus which is about the size of a large walnut. Massage it gently but firmly, starting slowly before increasing the intensity.

The orgasm achieved through milking is commonly known as a prostate orgasm. This orgasm is said to be more intense and more pleasurable. There may be a sensation of the need to urinate before this orgasm, even with an empty bladder.

It can be difficult for some men to accept something entering their anuses. Starting with a genital massage of the penis, testicles and perineum can help these men relax and make the process feel less clinical. Milking may also be incorporated with a hand job.

While milking can be pleasurable and beneficial for the prostate, it’s important for the person milking to remember the organs and tissues being massaged are very sensitive. Never milk your partner’s prostate when your nails are long to ensure you don’t damage the skin inside the rectum. Hands should also be kept clean. Sterile latex gloves may be worn. Some water-based lubricant can make milking easier and more pleasurable. Alternatively, a prostate massager can be used to milk the prostate.

In BDSM, milking tables may be used for prostate milking because of their potential for role play, group sex and power play scenarios.


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