Lesbian Until Graduation (LUG)

Last Updated: December 24, 2018

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Definition - What does Lesbian Until Graduation (LUG) mean?

The term lesbian until graduation is used to describe women who are within the high school to university age who are presumed to be adopting and experimenting with a lesbian or bisexual identity. Eventually, these women will adopt a heterosexual identity and sexual preference. This cultural archetype can sometimes be viewed as a form of rebellion by women against the social constructs and societies that they come from.

Kinkly explains Lesbian Until Graduation (LUG)

Lesbian until graduation involves experimentation and the assumed identity of bisexuality or lesbian during one's high school and college years. Often, this term is used to describe the cultural phenomenon of women experimenting with same-sex relationships for a short period of time as either a form of exploration, personal expression of social-political views, a "coolness" factor around the fascination with the LGBTQ community, or rebellion against parents or communities. The term is often used to describe white, privileged, educated women in liberal spheres of education who decide to adopt this persona only during their educational years. The term is sometimes used to describe push back from the the lesbian's community against bisexual women or to negatively describe bisexual women.

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