Last Updated: November 25, 2019

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Definition - What does Hummer mean?

A hummer is an oral sex technique performed by humming, rather than licking or sucking. Humming causes the giver’s lips to vibrate against the receiver’s genitals, creating a pleasurable sensation which can intensify orgasms.

Hummers can be performed during fellatio (oral sex on a man) or cunnilingus (oral sex on a woman).

Kinkly explains Hummer

To give a hummer, you may like to hum a song, or simply hum a note. Hum for a few seconds at a time at different pitches to vary the vibrations. Low hums create slower vibrations, and high-pitched hums faster ones.

During fellatio, the person giving the hummer can wrap their lips around the receiver’s penis or balls. As the vibrations are the most intense at the opening of the mouth, humming against the sensitive head of the penis can be very pleasurable. When performing a hummer on a female, the giver may hum against the clitoris and any other part of the female genitals.

A hummer may be used as an alternative to traditional oral sex or as a component to add variety during the usual licking and sucking.

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