Last Updated: April 15, 2016

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Definition - What does Gerbiling mean?

Gerbiling refers to a fictional sex act that homophobia-inclined people believe that gay men do. It involves killing a gerbil by stuffing it into one's anus. The point is to illicit panic from the gerbil. The poor animal would then thrash around one's anal cavity, giving pleasure to the gay person. Once he reaches climax, he could pull out the gerbil by its tail. As earlier stated, gay men do not actually participate in this act.

Kinkly explains Gerbiling

Several aspects of this imagined sex act do not make sense. First, just the effort of incapacitating the gerbil is too much, aside from being potentially a bloody mess. There are several vibrating butt plugs available in the market that could provide a more intense sensation than a thrashing gerbil. Next, a gerbil is likely to die first before the man can orgasm from the act. It would be a waste of a gerbil. The perpetration of this belief is a product of society's persistent leaning towards homophobia.

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