Cambria List

Definition - What does Cambria List mean?

The Cambria List is a list that exists in the pornography industry and outlines various sexual acts that, to avoid legal issues, should not be depicted. The list is named after Paul Cambria, a defense attorney who specializes in First Amendment issues.

Kinkly explains Cambria List

The Cambria List, created in 2001, is comprised of acts that pornographers are advised to avoid depicting on film, lest they be charged under obscenity laws. The list is considered controversial and is open to interpretation within the industry.

Some of the things pornographers are advised not to show include shots of pain or unhappiness, acts depicting the dead, urination, bondage, sharing of dildos, black man-white woman scenes, and male/male penetration. Pornographers argue that in order to avoid trouble with the law and adhere to the Cambria list, they are forced to discriminate in terms of the acts they portray based on race, sexual orientation and kinky fantasies.

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