Last Updated: April 6, 2020

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Definition - What does Fetishize mean?

Fetishize refers to the act of having a strong sexual desire for an inanimate object, a body part that is not the genitals, or an activity other than sexual intercourse. It involves the sexualization of these acts or objects of desire. It is considered a displacement of erotic interest. However, it does not normally require psychiatric intervention.

Kinkly explains Fetishize

To fetishize an act or a thing may come naturally for people who are prone to obsession. Fetishizing is usually not hamful to any party involved. However, it can be unhealthy at extreme levels. It can cause psychosocial distress, at the very least, and impair with day-to-day functions. A person suffering from an extreme case of fetishizing should get psychiatric help.

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