Body Inflation (BI)

Last Updated: November 4, 2019

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Definition - What does Body Inflation (BI) mean?

Body inflation is a sexual interest in inflating the body or specific body parts. Methods of inflating the body are dangerous and don’t produce dramatic results, so most people interested in body inflation satisfy their sexual urges by creating and viewing body inflation fan art and videos.

Body inflation is also called body expansion. It is also shortened to the acronym BI.

Kinkly explains Body Inflation (BI)

The breasts, buttocks, stomachs, and male genitals are common areas for body inflation. Many people interested in body inflation are especially aroused by the inflation of a particular area. These body parts are commonly fetishized. People interested in body inflation usually feel that if these body parts are already attractive, then surely if they are bigger they must be better, or more sexually desirable.

In some cases, the entire body is inflated. Full body inflation is colloquially called blueberry inflation, referencing the fate of Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Most people with an interest in body inflation are drawn to the exaggerated inflation depicted in fan art and videos. However, some people attempt to inflate their own bodies or other people’s bodies to satisfy their urges. This normally occurs by pumping air or water into the rectum or vagina. While this practice may inflate the body to a mild degree, the results are not substantial enough to warrant the risks. Air and water can put pressure on organs, including the intestines and uterus, making them rupture. A good psychologist or therapist can help people control their body inflation urges so they don’t put their health, or the health of others, at risk.

People with an interest in body inflation may also be aroused by weight gain. However, the fetishes are quite different, with body inflation involving artificial body expansion, not overeating.

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