Ass Sphincter

Last Updated: April 30, 2019

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Definition - What does Ass Sphincter mean?

The ass sphincter is a cylindrical muscle that constricts and loosens to pass stools. The ass sphincter mediates the entrance or release of solids, liquids, or other objects. The sphincter is an essential part of the human body.

Kinkly explains Ass Sphincter

The ass sphincter is responsible for normal physiological and bodily functions. It is a crucial part of the human anatomy that allows for the passage of liquids and stool. If you are attempting to have anal sex, be sure that the ass sphincter is relaxed by proper preparation and lubrication. When the ass sphincter is tight, it is difficult for anal penetration to occur. The muscle needs to be relaxed in order for you and your partner's enjoyment of anal sex.

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