Last Updated: January 20, 2016

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Definition - What does Biastophilia mean?

Biastophilia is a paraphilia in which an individually is sexually aroused by assaulting (non-sexual or sexual) an unconsenting person. In particular, those who have biastophilia are drawn to assaulting strangers. The source of arousal often stems from the victim's terrified response and resistance. As a result, biastophilia is often viewed as a form of sexual sadism. Those who suffer from this sexual disorder often are dependent on or responsive to assaulting others. This sexual disorder often involves the desire for sexual dominance and can only be fulfilled by rape or assault. Being a biastophilic does not mean that a person has committed a rape. It means that a person may have a desire to do so. Those who experience these desires are advised to seek help and to maintain consensual sexual experiences.

Kinkly explains Biastophilia

Those who suffer from biastophilia are aware that their victims are wholly non-consenting which gives them power and total control. This complete dominance often leads to the sexual arousal. Experiencing urges or biastophilic desires does not mean one must act on it. Seeking help or therapy can help with intervening if there is a desire to act upon assaulting someone. Just because someone has urges to assault or rape someone does not mean that they have to or will act on those urges. It is important to have healthy sexual relationships in which two adults are consenting and unharmed.If you believe that you may have biastophilia, please seek the guidance of a professional mental health expert.

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