Last Updated: March 4, 2019

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Definition - What does Pomosexual mean?

A pomosexual is a person who rejects conventional labels of sexuality including heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. The term comes from a blending of the terms pomo, short for postmodern, and sexual. It entered the mainstream lexicon after the publication of Carol Queen and Lawrence Shimel’s 1997 anthology, Pomosexuals: Challenging Assumptions about Gender and Sexuality.

Pomosexuality is not a defined sexual orientation. In fact, it may be better understood as a nonorientation because pomosexuals believe that sexuality, as it’s conventionally understood, is not applicable.

Kinkly explains Pomosexual

Pomosexuals believe that traditional categories and terms cannot properly describe the complex nature of human sexuality. They see sexuality as fluid and gender as neutral.

Pomosexuals believe that sexual labels do not effectively help us know one another. They seek to become more connected to others by doing away with terms such as "straight," "gay," and other labels that divide us.

Pomosexuals are similar to pansexuals, in that both are attracted to individuals regardless of their sexuality or gender. However, pomosexuals go one step further than pansexuals in refusing to acknowledge that such labels even exist.

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