Bathroom Denial

Last Updated: May 1, 2018

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Definition - What does Bathroom Denial mean?

Bathroom denial is a sexual practice in BDSM where the dominant partner refuses to let the submissive partner go to the washroom to relieve themselves. It is used as a form of humiliation and control. The submissive must hold in their urges until the dominant partner allows them to get relief under certain terms or after fulfilling certain tasks. Not adhering to the dominant partner's commands can lead to punishment.

Kinkly explains Bathroom Denial

Bathroom denial is a very powerful form of asserting control. For the dominant to have control over the submissive's natural bodily functions implies a very strong power. Bathroom denial involves both a mental and physical control over the submissive partner. It is meant to humiliate the submissive and to reinforce the hierarchy of power within the relationship. It is important to note that the enforcement of bathroom denial should be done safely. Holding in urine and feces for prolonged amounts of time can lead to infection.

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