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Definition - What does Asthenolagnia mean?

Asthenolagnia is a condition where people feel sexually aroused by humiliation or weakness. People with asthenolagnia may feel aroused when they are humiliated, or when they humiliate their intimate partners. People with asthenolagnia may also be aroused by fantasies, images, or videos of other couples acting out erotic humiliation scenarios.

Asthenolagnia is the opposite of sthenolagnia, which is a term for sexual arousal that stems from displays of strength.

Kinkly explains Asthenolagnia

People with asthenolagnia typically learn to accept their condition as a natural part of their sexuality. They achieve sexual gratification via enjoyment of erotic humiliation with their partners. It’s not uncommon for people with asthenolagnia to become part of the BDSM community, as the theme of submission in many BDSM activities corresponds to asthenolagnia’s arousal by weakness.

When individuals are able to manage their asthenolagnia, the fetish does not negatively impact their daily lives. However, if asthenolagnia starts to become a problem for a person, he or she may seek treatment for the condition. Behavioral and cognitive therapy, psychoanalysis, or hypnosis may prove helpful for people that struggle with asthenolagnia.

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