Ass Licker

Last Updated: April 20, 2020

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Definition - What does Ass Licker mean?

Ass licker is a term for a person who enjoys performing analingus on a sexual partner. Ass licker is a colloquial term for analingus, or oral stimulation of another person’s anal region.

It should not be confused with the mainstream use of the term ass licker, which refers to a person who sucks up to people in positions of power, generally to bolster his or her own standing.

Ass lickers may be of any gender and sexual orientation.

Kinkly explains Ass Licker

While the term ass licker literally refers to a person who enjoys licking the anal region of their partner, ass lickers may also enjoy blowing on, kissing, and even nibbling the anal area of intimate partners. While ass lickers give pleasure to the people whose anal regions they orally stimulate, they also typically become aroused by performing analingus.

As analingus is still seen as taboo, few ass lickers publicly speak about their preference for performing this sexual activity.

The anus can harbor a number of germs, so ass lickers should insist that their partners shower and clean their anuses thoroughly before they receive analingus. Using a dental dam can help minimize the risk of spreading diseases. An unlubricated condom, latex glove, or even a piece of plastic wrap can do a similar job if dental dams are unavailable.

Following analingus, ass lickers should sanitize their mouth with mouthwash or antiseptic, particularly if they didn’t use oral protection.

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