Vaginal Contraceptive Film (VCF)

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Definition - What does Vaginal Contraceptive Film (VCF) mean?

A vaginal contraceptive film is a form of contraception designed for women. It is a semi-transparent square film, made from soluble materials. It is designed to kill sperm on contact. Its active ingredient is Nonoxnol-9 which is a highly effective spermicide. The film dissolves in the vagina once it comes in contact with vaginal fluids.

Kinkly explains Vaginal Contraceptive Film (VCF)

To use, the vaginal contraceptive film is inserted into the vagina. Once it comes in contact with vaginal fluid, it dissolves into a gel coating. This coating is an effective spermicide for up to three hours. Maximum effectiveness is up to 15 minutes from insertion. The gel does not run or get messy. It won't get in the way of sex.

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