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Latex Barriers

Definition - What does Latex Barriers mean?

Latex barriers are a form of protection designed for oral sex. These barriers are often square pieces of latex that are stretched over the labia or the anus. By preventing direct contact with fluids and skin, this form of protection is meant to create a safer version of safe sex. Latex barriers cannot be used twice. To ensure full protection, be sure that the barrier is covering the entire intended area.

Kinkly explains Latex Barriers

A latex barrier is designed for oral sex. Stretched to fit over the labia or anus, it is meant to decrease risk of exposure to sexually transmitted infections and diseases. An alternative name for this form of protection is dental dams. If a latex barrier is unavailable, a male condom can be cut to cover the anal area to create a makeshift latex barrier. In other cases, non-microwavable plastic wrap works too.

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