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Race Play

Updated: DECEMBER 1, 2015

Race play is when a dominant and submissive take part in BDSM play that involves role play with race. People take on roles of power and submission of different races to create a power dynamic that is historically or contemporarily accurate. For example, a scene of race play could be an African-American woman role-playing the role of a slave with a White dominant. Another example is a White woman and an Asian American man taking on the roles of colonial Indochina. The important thing to remember is the real historical disparities in power that people really suffered. Being aware of the political overtones and the real pain that existed in a master/slave relationship is crucial. The BDSM scene is not exempt from racial politics. There are many who may be uncomfortable and offended by taking part in race play due to the real suffering that many of their ancestors or family have experienced. However, there are others who enjoy race play and look at it as a form of sexual stimulation.

More About Race Play

Race play is a form of BDSM where partners take on the dominant and submissive roles that are historically and contemporarily relevant to their race. The important thing to remember in race play is to ensure comfort and safety with your partner. Sexual submission of minorities to White partners has been long rooted in history and could hurt and offend some. However, if done with two consenting individuals, this could be an enjoyable form of BDSM play.


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