Kennel Play

Last Updated: April 8, 2019

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Definition - What does Kennel Play mean?

Kennel play is a type of puppy play involving a submissive person, playing the puppy role, is confined to a kennel for all or some of the play. Kennel play is commonly practiced in the BDSM, where a dominant, playing the role of an animal handler or master, controls the play.

Kinkly explains Kennel Play

Kennel play can make a puppy play session feel more realistic. Dominant partners may send their pups to the kennel to punish them for bad behavior. Pups may also go to the kennel to sleep or eat, just as real dogs often do.

Think carefully about the position of your kennel. If a kennel is meant for punishment, placing it in a secluded outdoor area, away from people and other stimulation, will drive the message home. If punishment isn’t intended, the kennel may be placed closer to the action.

Dog kennels are meant for dogs, rather than humans. A human pup will feel cramped in any kennel made for a dog, even those intended for large dogs. Dominants should be conscious of this and never keep their human pups confined in a kennel for too long. Alternatively, committed dominants could build larger kennels for their human pups.

If the kennel is kept outside, kennel play sessions should be kept short during winter. The extreme cold can harm human pups, especially if they’re naked.

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