Electric Pony

Last Updated: March 23, 2020

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Definition - What does Electric Pony mean?

The electric pony is a sex act where a dominant man ejaculates over the back of a submissive partner, then covers their semen with pubic hair or hair from around the anus to create a “mane.” Once the mane is in place, the submissive person becomes the pony. They may then act like a pony, either because they are forced to by their dominant partner or because they enjoy pony play.

Kinkly explains Electric Pony

To prepare themselves for the electric pony, the submissive partner gets on their hands and knees. Their dominant person may penetrate them from behind, either anally or vaginally, or jerk off over them. When they are ready to ejaculate, the dominant positions themselves to cum over the back of the submissive. They then shave hair from around their genitals or anus and sprinkle it over the submissive’s back. It will stick to the semen, creating a kind of “pony mane.”

The electric pony can be an intimate act between a couple. Couples may use it as part of pony play or simply to spice up their relationship. The electric pony is a relatively safe sex act, but care must be taken when shaving the genitals or anus. You should always use a sharp, clean razor, as a blunt one is more likely to cause injury. If the hair is long, trimming it first can help the razor do its job. Using a pre-shave oil and shaving cream or foam will reduce the risk of irritation. When shaving around the penis, pull the skin taut to reduce the risk of cuts. Squatting will make shaving the anus easier. You may be excited, but take your time to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

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