Safe Call

Last Updated: October 12, 2020

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Definition - What does Safe Call mean?

A safe call is a phone call that someone makes to a trusted friend or family remember to let them know that they are okay. This is generally used when a person is meeting a date or potential playmate that they don't know.

Kinkly explains Safe Call

A safe call is a call that takes place at a prearranged time to allow another individual to know that you are okay. This type of system is typically used when meeting a new and unknown individual for the first time. It can be applied to a BDSM relationship, but is frequently used in everyday situations. Typically, the individual meeting with the new person arranges a time to place a call to check in with a loved one or friend to signal that all is well. If the call is not made, then the plan might be for the friend or loved one to report to the police because this signals that something is not right.

In addition to a safe call, your trusted friend or family member should also know where you will be meeting the new person.

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