Top Surgery

Last Updated: April 30, 2019

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Definition - What does Top Surgery mean?

Top surgery refers to a bilateral mastectomy and re-shaping of the female chest to have the contours of a male chest or the implantation of breasts to reshape the male chest to resemble a female chest. Top surgery may or may not be accompanied by sexual reassignment surgery in transgender men.

Kinkly explains Top Surgery

A transgender man may seek to have top surgery performed in order to have their body more closely align with their gender identity. Top surgery includes the removal of the breasts, contouring of the chest to mimic that of a male chest, and can also include skin grafting and reconstruction of the nipple and areola. Some transgender men choose to simply undergo top surgery, without a gender affirming surgery, while others will opt for both surgeries. Typically, those who undergo both surgeries will have top surgery performed prior to gender reassignment surgeries.

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