Social Gender

Definition - What does Social Gender mean?

Social gender is a socially constructed concept of gender definitions and roles that men and women are expected to fit into based upon their biological sex. Gender is not one's biological sex, but a social construct of what a man or woman should be. However, social gender, sexuality, and biological sex do not align for everyone. Social gender details expectations and definitions of what men and women are supposed to do and act like in society. These socially ascribed gender roles differ depending on class, race, time period, and other factors. However, they are often heavily influenced by household structure, socioeconomic status, and resources.

Kinkly explains Social Gender

Social gender is the socially-defined meanings of what it means to be a man or a woman. This does not refer to a person's biological sex, but rather what roles and performances a man or woman is expected to take on in society.

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