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Definition - What does Bio-Queen mean?

A bio-queen is a biologically female performance artist who acts like a drag queen, performs female drag, or impersonates a male performing as a drag queen. Some view bio-queens as drag queens trapped inside a woman's body. They usually perform alongside drag kings and often portray the same roles as biologically male drag queens.

Kinkly explains Bio-Queen

Depending on the context, the term bio-queen can be offensive to some because bio-queens are sometimes viewed as "biologically-challenged" drag queens or female female impersonators. However, most bio-queens perform to educate and to entertain. They are not always accepted. Many are fired from drag venues once it is discovered that they are women. Bio-queens have made tremendous progress over the years and are now viewed as a form of postmodern feminism. The ability to be fluid and exploratory with one's femininity and identity is a part of a bio-queen's identity.

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