Last Updated: February 22, 2021

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Definition - What does Third-Gendered mean?

Third-gendered individuals are persons who are categorized by society as neither male nor female nor both. In many societies, there are three or more genders that are socially recognized. In these societies, the third gender may represent being able to switch between male and female, the state of being neither, or those who belong in a category independent of the male and female gender. The third gender is different from the third sex since gender refers to the psychological, emotional, and social identity of an individual.

Kinkly explains Third-Gendered

Third-gendered is a gender identity that is used to describe those who do not fit in the male or female gender constructs; those who are both or those who feel that their gender identities are fluid. While this concept may still be foreign in the western world, there are several societies that recognize and include third gendered identities in their languages.

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