Can Your Diet Lead to a Better Sex Life? Mmmmaybe.

Published: MAY 22, 2015
The bottom line is that food is fuel for your body, including your genital region. Oh, and it turns out that chocolate is more than delicious. It can also increase sex drive in women!

The topic of sex and food is one rife with exaggerations, unsupported assertions, and endless talk of oysters. Always with the oysters. The reality is that there are some foods that really can lead to a more fulfilling sex life. There are also a few sexual details you can discern about your partner based on the foods they choose to cook and what their diet includes. Even on a first date, you might know by the end of dinner what, if any, sex will be like later on.


Grilled Cheese Revelations

Let's start with the grilled cheese. Popular blog site Skout surveyed their community members and found that over a third of grilled cheese fans have sex more than six times per month. Among those who *gasp* don't appreciate grilled cheese sandwiches, less than 28% have sex that often. The survey went on to say that fans of that crunchy, melty goodness tend to be more charitable, friendly, and politically progressive. Neat!

The survey was more about correlation than causation. Grilled cheese sandwiches, while wonderful, don't actually cause us to have more sex. Nor, sadly, do they give us additional bedroom prowess or skill. Still, if your date takes you to a local grilled cheeserie, you can bet that they're hoping sex is on the table, not literally, of course.

What About Quiche?

Ever hear the expression that "real men don't eat quiche?" The reality is that a man who can cook quiche are likely to have the qualities that make a good lover. Making the perfect quiche requires patience, skill, attention to detail, good timing, and a strong sense of balance. All these things are necessary for technical proficiency in the bedroom. Some might suggest that potentially high-cholesterol fare like quiche can cause bloating or discomfort that can make sex seem like a chore. So maybe have sex first and quiche afterward?

Are There Good Sex Foods?

Are there foods proven to improve or enhance your sex life? Yes. Let's start with the presumption that we have the best sex when we're feeling our healthiest. With that in mind, any healthy food can lead to healthy sex. However, a sex-positive diet can get more specific than that.

Avocadoes, for example, are full of good fats that are great for circulation. Anything that helps the blood get where it needs to go can lead to strong erections—and hence, awesome sex. Keep in mind though, that if the avocados are part of a huge Mexican meal, that might put a damper on things.

Chocolate has been described by some as a "substitute for sex." Nuts to that, I say. An Italian study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that women who eat chocolate daily have higher libidos and more satisfying sex than those who don't. This study also explores how women's desire for sex declines with age and suggests that continued chocolate intake may combat this. Next time you're debating whether or not to indulge in some chocolate, remember that it's not just for your taste buds. A strong libido is also a gift you give your partner.


One wouldn't normally think of salads as a sexy food. Those who eat them regularly (4x a week or more) report better sex lives than those who don't. Some common salad ingredients include sex-enhancing chemicals as well. Arugula absorbs toxins that negatively impact our ability to respond to stimuli. Ditto figs and citrus fruits that are also great for the heart. Of course, a strong heart is a must-have for active, confident, fulfilling sex.

Are There Bad Sex Foods?

All this talk of sexy foodstuffs might lead you to wonder—are there foods that negatively impact our sex lives? As mentioned earlier, overeating before the act can lead to tiredness, lack of enthusiasm, and a dampening of desire. Even worse, though, is alcohol. Sure, a drink or two over the course of an evening might relax inhibitions and increase confidence. However, boozing it up before sex can desensitize your whole body. It can also lead to erectile dysfunction in males, and inability to achieve orgasm in females. If you have the urge to drink a lot before sex, you might want to ask yourself why.

You might not want to make all of your dietary choices based on your sex life. Then again, giving a little extra thought to the choices you make may lead to better bedroom antics and better health overall. And if you eat a little extra chocolate along the way—remember, it's for science!

Wednesday Lee Friday

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