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Behold! A Comfy Menstrual Cup You Can Wear During Intercourse

Published: OCTOBER 26, 2018 | Updated: JULY 20, 2020 05:18:20
Presented by INTIMINA
Menstrual cups have loads of benefits - and fans - but this one boasts an extra perk: comfortable, leak-free period sex.

The Product: The Intimina Ziggy Cup


The Verdict: Kinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logo (out of five)

The Basics

I’ve been a longtime devotee of menstrual cups. The Diva Cup was my first menstrual cup, so it’s held a fond spot in my tampon-shunning heart. For me, it was hands-in-the-air rejoicing the second I said hello to a longer wear solution and goodbye to awkward strings. Fun fact: menstrual cups can hold up to one ounce of liquid, which is FIVE TIMES as much as a tampon. The Ziggy has an even higher capacity (2.6 ounces), so if you have a heavy flow, it’s your best menstrual cup bet.

This sleek feminine hygiene product is made of super thin medical grade silicone that sits comfortably right below the cervix, tucked behind your pubic bone. But, unlike other stiff, pointy, cone-shaped menstrual cups, it uses a soft, flexible, flat disc design. Although specific guidance on its shelf life varies, menstrual cups typically last between two and four years, so it’s far more economical than buying tampons every month. If it starts to look discolored, smell funky or feel sticky or powdery – replace it.

The Ziggy Cup: Active Lifestyle, No Leaks and Period Sex!

The Ziggy avoids the predicament of having to change a tampon every few hours or break out a bulky pad reinforcement. (I despise wearing pads.) It can typically handle up to 12 hours of flow, which means you can sleep through the night without waking up in a bloodbath. (You know exactly what I’m talking about.) Or, if you’re a frequent flier with a heavy flow like me, you can enjoy a long-haul flight without having to worry about embarrassing leakage. I can even run, go to Pilates, or workout with the Ziggy without leakage worry.

In addition to liking a non-leakage lifestyle, I love period sex. I’m not afraid to make my bed look like a murder scene, but most partners aren’t keen on a "Forensic Files"-worthy sex situation. Period sex is a highly divisive topic. I get it. Some women love it (myself included), while the idea of getting it on during Shark Week steps up the gross-factor for others. Still, it’s a definite defining moment in my sexual relationships – will they or won’t they? I’m all for personal agency, but rest assured, if this natural monthly occurrence squicks you out, I'm taking a mental note. There are ways to mitigate the mess

According to a study by Flex, 55 percent of adults engage in sex during that time of the month, so I’m not alone. However, I have found that if I use some kind of barrier with a partner, whether it’s a diaphragm (in the rare instance we’re fluid bonded), a disposable Softcup or a menstrual cup, they’re more amenable to fingering me and penetrative sex. More likely though, if I use a barrier, they’ll go down on me, which is a foreplay favorite and extra amazing with all the vaginal blood flow happening during that time of the month.


Which brings me to the Ziggy Cup. When it comes to period sex, the Ziggy Cup is my go-to product. I love its smooth, flat design. I’ve had penetrative sex with it on numerous occasions and partners haven’t so much as noticed its presence.

When it comes to period sex, the Ziggy Cup is my go-to product.

Also, it doesn’t contain latex, BPA, dye or other weird additives, like bleached rayon (a harmful chemical found in some tampons), which no female-identifying person wants shoved in their privates.

It’s sturdier than a Softcup but thinner than a diaphragm. It’s basically the perfect blood receptacle and barrier for sex. Plus, I really like its oval design, which stretches over more territory and ultimately makes it less intrusive.

Good Things Come to Those Who ...

Unlike most menstrual cups, which are cup or cone-shaped, Ziggy Cup is disc-shaped, which is fantastic for masturbation, penetrative sex and overall liquid capacity. That said, there’s a steep learning curve to figuring out how to position it in your vagina. I know my way around my pussy, but it still takes some effort for me to get the Ziggy where it needs to be. And doing that usually involves a series of squatting, standing, propping one foot on the bathtub positions until it pops into place. I still haven't figured out a quick and easy way to get it in, and there's always a moment of silent celebration when I do. There is a learning curve goes for all menstrual cups, though, to some degree. But from what I've heard, those who get the hang of it never look back. Just know that it can take some trial and error to figure out how to best position your cup, so you might want to put a towel down - just in case - the first few times you use a menstrual cup.

At $39.95, the Ziggy Cup is a little more expensive than other menstrual cups, but it's also the only reusable cup designed to be worn during sex. The price is worth mentioning if you're on a budget, but it's still way cheaper than pads or tampons in the long run.

The Verdict

As much as I love menstrual cups (and if you've never tried one, you definitely should!), the Ziggy’s stem-free, flat-fit design is basically the answer to my penetrative period sex prayers. It's clean, it's comfortable and it's reusable, so you'll never have to run to the store at the last minute.

There's one thing it can't do, though. While the Ziggy Cup may provide a barrier from blood, it doesn’t block sperm, so if you’re having sex with a penis-haver, you should still use a condom or other form of birth control. Despite common misconceptions, you can even get pregnant during your period.

Want to try a Ziggy Cup? You can get one here.



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