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ANME 2023: Sex Toy Experts Share What Pleasure Means to Them

Published: JANUARY 26, 2023
Thanks to industry leaders like those we interviewed at ANME 2023, rest assured your sex life is in the hands of those who operate with dedication, enthusiasm and a sincere dedication to pleasure.

Every year, the world's leading sexual technology entrepreneurs get together to network, discuss the current state of the industry and where it might be heading at the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo (ANME).


At ANME 2023, Kinkly sat down with representatives from some of sextech's leading brands to ask them, "What does pleasure mean to you (or your company) in 2023?"

Here's what they had to say:

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"Pleasure is a term I consider fundamental to the communications between people as well as people and products. I see 2023 as a year of connectivity and growth for Motorbunny. This is also what I experienced with the team at ANME."


Clandestine Operations Manager Lulu Shwartzer said, "We're coming out of a cave, so pleasure is intimacy that's been missed over the last few years and creating that intimacy between partners, between people, no matter what gender, no matter what belief system, and creating intimacy is creating pleasure."

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Alex Fine, who represented DAME at ANME 2023, said, "Pleasure means creating space to safely foster curiosity and play; that would be our inner space of pleasure where we can learn about ourselves.

When we feel the opposite of pleasure -- when we feel pain or discomfort -- we shut down; we feel shame; we feel smaller. Pleasure makes us feel bigger; pleasure makes us feel like we're living life. Pleasure makes us feel that we're entitled to take up space. Erotic pleasure is such a powerful place to learn about pleasure and life."

Prism Sales

Jay Scheinberg of Prism Sales answered, "Pleasure resonates heavily with the service I provide manufacturers and customers on a daily basis. I am fortunate to have the support of so many people in the industry that I can truthfully use our motto, 'Your pleasure is our pleasure.'"


Earthly Body

Earthly Body's Georgene Smith Goodin said, "[Pleasure] is all about self-care and pleasing yourself."

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Fun Factory

Fun Factory was represented by Nora Langknecht at ANME, who answered our question thusly:


"In 2023, we're defining pleasure as something that is a bold, bright, colorful and loud part of your life. In the last five years, we've seen a move towards using wellness to connect with people when it comes to pleasure, describing toys as 'pleasure devices' or 'self-care devices.'

"At Fun Factory, we've always believed you shouldn't be hiding your fun or having to rebrand your orgasm so that it's more mainstream. So this year, we're really focused on toys that are bold; all about fun, all about orgasms, and play, and not about making it palatable but just making it you."

High on Love

High on Love founder Angela Mustone said she believes "Pleasure is about loving thyself and, as my expression goes, since High on Love has always been about pure passion -- pure cannabis."


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Edan Raccah of FemmeFun said, "To me, pleasure in 2023 is multifaceted. It's the food I consume, the products I use (inside and outside of the bedroom) and all of my passions and hobbies. Pleasure is my holistic approach to taking care of my body and mind. For FemmeFunn, it is helping people find the perfect vibe(s) for them.

"With the help of our rebranding and relaunch of our website, we created a shopping experience that allows the user to filter through all of our products and find exactly what they are looking for, helping them find their pleasure and their fun. For La Nua, health and pleasure come together.

"By meticulously investigating the ingredients we put into our expertly formulated products, we were able to create natural pleasure-enhancing products that are just as effective as they are clean."

Je Joue

Je Joue's Ian Kulp says, "What pleasure means to me -- and what pleasure means to our brand -- is that it's safe, inclusive and it's consensual. [That's] in addition to reminding ourselves that we're our best partner -- so as much as we think about sex, and we design products for partner play, orgasms, edging, and all of those things, we have to remind ourselves that we need to take care of ourselves.

"Whether it's in the bathtub, a candle or a scent, or using a sexual aid to get there, it's really allowing yourself to have consent with yourself, so you can have better experiences with others -- and not feel ashamed.

"Since the pandemic, there's been growth in body-positivity issues and things like that. So, we're hoping that pleasure becomes more inclusive and to remind yourself that you are your own best partner."

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Kama Sutra

To Marla Lee of Kama Sutra, pleasure is "an absolute essential. Coming off of COVID, we've all learned that, at any time, things can change -- and they change quickly. So we have to live every moment with that in mind -- and pleasure is the reason to live."


Blush's Nancy Cosimi says, "Pleasure means health, happiness, and enjoyment for the entire body. We are finally getting to where everyone recognizes the important role sexual health and pleasure plays on overall health.

"Satisfying any part of the 'body needs' brings pleasure to the body: A massage brings pleasure; a delicious chocolate cake brings pleasure; wonderful conversation with friends brings pleasure; and, yes, an orgasm brings pleasure.

“Representing a pleasure product company means we help this to happen. More and more people need products to allow their body to experience any type of pleasure, and this includes sexual pleasure. They play an important role. Intimacy products are not novelties anymore; they are important tools helping to allow for a happier and healthier lifestyle."

Lovehoney Group

According to representative Stephanie Ingram, Lovehoney Group stands for "bringing sexual happiness to the world."

"That's what we're really trying to reinforce," Ingram says, "not only on a consumer level but to our trade partners as well. You're going to see that this year in the initiatives we take in stores supporting our partners but also direct-to-consumers."

Paradise Marketing

Chris Von Huben, CEO of Paradise Marketing, put it quite simply:

"Pleasure means being in paradise."

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Kinkly was able to speak to two representatives from Sportsheets, Kelly Sofferman and Pettus. Here's how each of them answered:

Kelly: "For both me and Sportsheets, this year's about refining pleasure and rediscovering it. It's a journey and not a destination, as cheesy as that is; that we're looking at pleasure through our own eyes and then trying to put ourselves in other people's shoes and understand what pleasure is to them -- because there's not one answer. [Pleasure is] completely individual, but it's also something you can share with multiple people. That's what we're doing; we're redefining and exploring it."

Pettus: "Pleasure definitely means, to me, sexual freedom and the amount of confidence you attain in your everyday life, knowing, 'I can do that shit in my bedroom and have an amazing conversation with this person.'"


Whitney Petty of Stockroom said, "Well, after COVID and everything that's happened in the past couple of years, life is too short for mediocre sex."

Wet by Trigg

Representative Andrew Eustace says, "For Wet by Trigg, in 2023, pleasure truly means boldly being the sexual you, whatever that means to you. Spontaneous, flexible, confident, fun, playful -- we will meet you where you are and ensure that all through life, in all stages, we're right there with you."

Wet Dreams

Wet Dreams' ANME 2023 rep, Charlie, said, "Pleasure means to open your mind to all that is new. When you think about pleasure, think about feeling well and pleasing yourself -- then pleasing other people."


For the sextech business world, not to mention the countless number enjoying their products, this decade is a constant reminder that each year comes with its own unique set of challenges -- as well as plenty of potential opportunities for growth.

But with industry leaders like these at the helm, we feel both will be met with dedication, enthusiasm, and, most of all, a sincere dedication to pleasure!

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