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Anal Sex for the Mature Male

Published: SEPTEMBER 2, 2021
Do wrinkles and grey hair mean it's time to shut the backdoor for good? The good news is no.

[Editor's Note: while we use "male" here, we recognize that identifying as male and having a penis are not the same! We are striving to provide information here for everyone who can use it!]


Whether we like it or not, eventually grey hairs will appear—followed by creaking, groaning, and possibly new aches or pains.

But while getting older is inevitable, it doesn’t mean a happy sex life has to end, especially for penis-equipped persons who enjoy anal play. However, there are things they need to be aware of so you can keep having this kind of fun for a long, long time.

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Anal Sex Basics

No matter a person’s age, it’s essential they understand how anal penetration differs from vaginal.

In essence, anuses evolved to expel waste. So while it can definitely be pleasurable, having something go in isn't necessarily what an anus was built to do. This is different from a vagina that lubricates itself and helps ease the way.

It’s also why the eternal anal sex mantra of lube, lube, and more lube—or if you think you have enough lube, that’s a sign you don’t—as without the appropriate type of lubrication, you run a genuine risk of damaging the anus’s extremely delicate tissues.


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One thing that’s not brought up often enough is the effect of diet on anal sex. So for a day or two before play, avoid eating anything that isn’t easily and completely digested. For example, strawberries contain tiny, sharp seeds, as do several breads and cereals. High-fiber foods are also a good choice as they can help flush out your system.

If you’re not sure what is and isn’t a good choice, take time to examine your body and what comes out of it, with the goal to have your anus as clean and empty as possible.


Also, stay adequately hydrated. It helps move food through and out of your body, and two, not drinking sufficient fluids will make the anus prone to drying out and so more likely to be damaged.

Finally, warm water enemas can be a great help in, excuse the joke, flushing out your anus.

Anal Health and Older People

Just as it is with all the other parts of the human body, the anus changes as we age. For one thing, as this article about Dr. Donnica Moore points out:


"Anal sex carries health risks for people of all ages, but yes, it becomes increasingly risky as we age because of thinning of the tissue inside the anus."

Other precautions include not skimping on the lube and allowing the anus to heal after each play session. The size of what’s inserted, the force used with it, and the duration of play should also be considered.

How long this takes varies from person to person, so if you are—or plan to—have anal sex frequently, take the time to examine yourself to get an idea of how fast, or not, you recover.

Hartford HealthCare for Seniors has an excellent write-up of the various anal health concerns seniors should be on the look for, including the symptoms and treatment of infections.

On average, a small internal tear or aggravated hemorrhoid will result in a small amount of bleeding, so unless there are other, more serious, conditions involved, you can let your body heal on its own. But if you do have a compromised immune system or likewise medical issues, any blood may be cause for concern.And if even light bleeding continues for an unusual length of time, it’s also recommended to pay a visit to your local health clinic, preferred doctor, or emergency room as soon as possible.

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How Our Bodies Change

As we blow out more and more candles on our birthday cake, our physical selves go from flexible and strong to stiff and not-as-strong-as-we-used to be.

So it’s unrealistic, or possibly dangerous, not to take this into account for anal sex. Not to suggest it has to be abandoned altogether, but that it’s a good idea to pay attention to what your body is saying and how you are feeling.

So if you really, really, really like one kind of anal sex play, if you start finding it uncomfortable, don’t try and force the clock back but accept that things aren’t the way they used to be—and adapt accordingly.

Another thing older people should be aware of is how medications might affect their digestive health—as in constipation or diarrhea, as well as blood thinners that can increase the chance of irritation or bleeding.

According to Lancaster General Health, “medicines that cause diarrhea or constipation, such as antibiotics,” can play a part in a person’s overall anal health.

As are the ones that elevate or reduce a person’s blood pressure or glucose levels. Even pain medications have been known to hit the digestive system quite hard.

The prestigious Johns Hopkins University has compiled a handy list of medications known for negatively interacting with a patient’s digestive health—and that they can have unexpected and unpleasant side effects when taken with other medicines.

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The Most Important of All

The other universal about human bodies is that each of us is unique, so everyone’s journey from spring chicken to “damn kids get off my lawn!” will be theirs and theirs alone.

So while much of what I’ve mentioned about anal sex will be valid for some, they’ll be others who won’t experience them. Likewise, a percentage will face a problem I’ve neglected to suggest.

There is only one solution to this, and it applies to every sexual activity and, for that matter, to the totality of our lives: communication.

Solo anal sex person or a fixture at fisting parties, new to it or with decades under your belt, everyone should be free and open with themselves about their cares and concerns.

More than that, we all have to understand we absolutely must consult a medical professional if we’re at all worried about our health—anal or otherwise.

Free and open also refers to talking to our partner or a playmate if experiencing discomfort, pain, or wanting to take a break—and if anyone feels impaired or unsafe doing so, try your best to end the situation and get to a safe place as soon as possible.

In conclusion, anal sex can be wonderfully pleasurable—and if you approach it conscientiously, carefully, and with an awareness of your body and how it changes over time, there’s no reason you can’t keep enjoying it for many more years to come.

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