A Look at Pregnancy and Lactation Fetishes

by Kinkly
Published: JULY 2, 2019 | Updated: AUGUST 29, 2021
Pregnancy and lactation are beautiful and sacred. They are also sexually desirable for many people.

I often write about fetishes from a first-hand point of view. I am a pretty kinky guy who likes to explore all my fantasies (and my partner’s fantasies, too). I have a kink for both pregnancy and lactation. They both make me feel horny, protective, warm, loving and excited. I remember seeing a woman at a Grateful Dead show in 1995. Her belly was full of child; her breasts were huge and flowing with milk. I remember this woman distinctly because of her glow, curly hair, beauty and pregnant state. She looked so beautiful. I thought it was one of those fleeting moments when we see an object of our desire that starts and ends with just a glance. Little did I know that I would meet that woman years later and marry her. Pregnancy is a powerful thing that leaves a lasting impression.


Pregnancy and Lactation Fetishes

Pregnancy and lactation are both fetishes that are related. They often form a joint relationship so close that many times, the fetishist may have both fetishes at the same time. It really is a very basic attraction to the pregnant condition and fertility. Something very base and primal awakens in us when we see - or even smell - a pregnant woman. It is arousing to see a fertile female with rounder curves, larger breasts and a swollen belly.

I have heard many women describe how shocked they were when they were getting hit on while pregnant. Often, they might be wearing their most comfy, but least fashionable, clothes. They might not have bathed in a while, and feel like they are bloated and unattractive. Yet, tons of guys were hitting on them - much to their surprise! This primal fertility attraction could be pheromones working their scent magic on our brains. There are theories that the pregnant woman may release pheromones that make her attractive to others. In her vulnerable state, that would lead to protection during a very vulnerable time. It makes sense to further our species if this was true.

Maiesiophilia - Erotic Attraction to Pregnant Women

A pregnancy fetish, or maiesiophilia, is an erotic attraction to pregnant women. It is unlike most other fetishes because of how this particular kink manifests itself. Some people fetishize the various stages of pregnancy. Some fantasize about the actions pregnant women take on a daily basis, such as bathing, getting dressed, shopping, or even sleeping. There are even elements of one particular body part being the focus, especially those parts that change over the time of pregnancy (breasts, navel, tummy). Psychological aspects of pregnancy can also affect the specifics of a pregnancy philia. Surprisingly, nudity and sexual contact is not always a necessary component for the fetishist. The fetish is prevalent in both men and women.


With all of these components, what commonalities does the fetish present? First, it seems very taboo to have sex with a person who is probably in a committed relationship and is preparing for motherhood. There is also a component of time limitation. You can only be pregnant for so long. Last, the changing state of the body is a universal theme that is part of the desire. The morphing body from its shape prior to pregnancy and watching her change and grow over time is one of the primary interests of this fetish. Pregnant women literally exude both the fertility and the power of life. There is something so powerful about this, it resonates an almost God-like quality.

In 1991, actress Demi Moore did a nude photo shot for the cover of Vanity Fair. Nothing like this had been published on the front page of a major magazine before. This caused a stir with the general public, especially pregnancy fetishists, as something powerful. Displaying one of the most famous and beautiful people of that time both pregnant and nude was groundbreaking. This was a huge step forward in pregnancy being seen as something beautiful.

Lactation Fetish

A lactation fetish is one of the most common types of fetish. It is often seen as a penultimate goal for those that engage in breast suckling. The breasts, areolas, and nipples are erogenous zones for both men and women. So, it is very natural to play with them. Some people achieve sexual arousal by taking this to the next level and actually breastfeeding from a lactating woman.


Lactation can occur any time after the fourth month of pregnancy, but a woman does not need to be pregnant to maintain the state of lactation. The practice of wet nurses for women who could not, or would not, breast feed their children was a fairly common practice in the past. Surprisingly, men can also be induced to lactate through the use of electrical currents from a routine of using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or a TENS unit, on the male breasts to simulate the suckling of a baby. The current needs to be done multiple times per day over an extended period of time on a regular basis for this to occur. Lactation can also be induced by regular suckling of the breasts in women. The continuous suckling causes prolactin production, which maintains the state of lactation. This also reduces the rate of ovulation, so it becomes more difficult to get pregnant.

Beyond the sexual arousal caused by lactation, there are several pairings of fetish couples that have lactation at the center of their relationships. This can be anything from adult babies, ANR or adult nursing relationships, lactation games during sex, or lesbian couples that both lactate and feed each other.

The act of breastfeeding is a very vulnerable act for women, especially after giving birth. The breasts have been used by a child first and foremost as a nutritive act for her baby, and they may be sore. The mother may be uninterested in sex after all of this for physical and psychological reasons. Needless to say, transferring a lactating breast from a child to a sexual partner shows a great deal of trust, love, and bonding.


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More recently, lactation has been used in a variety of unexpected areas. A restaurant in China uses breast milk in cooking. There are also brothels that have sex workers that are lactating as a specialized niche service that gets a fairly high price. Some sex workers also produce breast milk for private consumption.

The sheer variety of sex acts that can be combined with both pregnancy and lactation is mind boggling and much larger than most people realize. Some people would consider this an extreme taboo due to the relationship of pregnancy, lactation, and the feeding of breast milk to infants. This taboo is part of what makes this seem so naughty and sexual. The interest in both lactation and pregnancy has even become a specialty in porn due to the large demand. So, if you’re pregnant and alone, you needn’t be unless it's just your personal choice. You are a sexual object of desire that is a rare flower that blossoms only a few times in one’s life.



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