9 Things to Check Before Playing With Electrosex

Published: JANUARY 29, 2020 | Updated: FEBRUARY 10, 2022
Electricity can put the spark back into your sex life, but it can also be dangerous. Safety should always be priority No.1!

A word you probably don't associate with Valentine's Day: Electrifying. But what if you did? Playing with electricity can be electrifying (c'mon, I had to do that). Really, though, lots of people fall in love with electrosex play after the first time they try it.


Not only does the unique pulse feel like a gentle caress that sets your nerve endings at attention, but it can be a fun and interesting way to interact with your body. Valentine's Day is a great excuse to try out something new and exciting with your partner, and electrosex is one that many people haven't tried, but definitely should!

That said, playing with electricity poses a few risks. Here we'll look at what you need to know - and do - before you light the spark.

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Getting Started With Electrosex

Most people play out their electrifying fantasies in two ways: a TENS unit or a violet wand. A TENS unit runs electricity through the skin while a violet wand shoots those pretty little sparks out of the wand (similarly to those electricity balls you can find in mall outlets that produce a slight shock when you touch them). While TENS Units are quite popular with electrosex enthusiasts, quite a few people get into electrosex (also called e-stim) after witnessing an enjoyable scene featuring a violet wand.

If you get creative, there are other ways to play with electrosex, but you must pay attention to safety. A lot of these go outside of what some people may initially consider. For example, an electric flyswatter could seem like a fun electro sex spanking toy. However, you need to exercise even greater caution with items like these as they were never initially designed for sexual use, and can leave nasty burn marks on skin if you're not very, very careful.

Knowledge Is Power (No Pun Intended)

Just like any other scene involving edgeplay, you need to know some things before you jump into playing with electricity. To make sure everything goes smoothly, you should fully research everything you can find about the topic before you indulge.


If possible, always try to find a mentor in real-life to walk you through what you want to do as added instruction. While it might be difficult to find an electrosex mentor in your local area, it's usually possible to arrange something via online video conferencing if you're out of other options.

Once you think you have covered your bases, it's time to put your orgasmic scene into action! If you've already read through everything you can possibly get your hands on about the topic, it's time to do your final safety checks before you play with electricity. Make sure you know the answers to all of these questions before you start playing:

1. Does Your Partner Have Health Concerns?

This is something you really need to know! Electroplay with someone who has a pacemaker or chronic heart problems could be fatal. You can accidentally cause injury if you play with electricity near someone who has any sort of metal bone replacement as well.


You don't need your play partner's entire medical history, but you should be able to talk about any major surgeries or medical issues that would make them different from the "average" person. You're playing "on the edge;" make sure you have the information to do it safely.

2. Is Your Partner Wearing Jewelry or Do They Have Electronic Devices on Their Person?

Cell phones, tablets, video game consoles, etc. All of those can get damaged by some errant bit of electricity. Some jewelry conducts electricity, which can make that "light" touch you thought you were using turn fire-hot. Make sure your partner has removed all jewelry and electronics before you get anywhere near them with an electric play toy.

3. Does Your Partner Have Piercings?

Although piercings count as jewelry, they deserve their own section. Piercings can also conduct electricity. You need to ensure that you avoid all piercings or have your partner remove them before play. Anything with metal, including pant zippers or buttons, will conduct electricity as well.


4. Have You Settled on a Safe Word?

While it might seem like this type of play may not require a safe word, there's no reason to skip over this vital step. Make sure you and your partner have agreed on a verbal and a non-verbal safe word. You never know when you might need it; it's better to have it in place just in case you do.

5. Are Your First Aid Supplies Ready and Waiting?

While it's unlikely that your electroplay will result in anything requiring a first aid kit, part of being responsible is preparing for the worst. The most-likely injury will be a burn.

Make sure that you have sterile wrap, acetaminophen or ibuprofen, antibiotic ointment, and other burn supplies on-hand. Make sure you've read up on the proper treatment of burns as well.


6. Is Your Equipment Properly Set-up?

This includes checking all of your equipment for frayed wires. Make sure that you're not playing near any sort of water, and ensure that your electrical toys are properly grounded if they require power from an outlet.

If you're using a violet wand or a Kinklab Neon Wand, ensure that all of your electrodes are designed for use in this wand and that all of them are properly fitted.

7. Are You Familiar With Your Equipment?

If you're playing with a new piece of equipment or are just not too familiar with your equipment, you should start slow.

Start at the lowest settings to avoid injuring or overdoing the sensation. You can always claim that your soft, teasing touches were just part of the scene.

8. Are You Starting With a Gentler Electrode?

If you're using a violet wand, you may wish to start with a "gentler" electrode. The larger electrodes will provide a softer sensation. This is because the electricity is spread out through a larger area. Smaller electrodes will provide a more intense sensation even with the same amount of electricity.

Remember this when playing with people who are new to electricity; you don't want to scare them with the first touch!

9. Is That Spot on the Body a Safe Spot?

Especially for beginners or anyone with a TENS unit, you really want to avoid doing any sort of electroplay near the heart. Stick to below-the-waist fun to ensure that you're playing as safely as possible. There are plenty of fun places around the the thighs that can be just as enjoyable as anywhere you could imagine above the waist.

You've done your research, you've gone through potential hazards to your play, and you have all of your equipment ready and waiting. Now it's time to electrify your Valentine's Day and have a great time. After all of that, you've earned it!

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