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9 Super-Hot Ways to Use a Wand Massager

Published: MARCH 30, 2018 | Updated: MAY 12, 2020
Presented by O-WAND
Wand style vibrators may seem clunky and cumbersome but it’s precisely those attributes that make them so orgasmically versatile.

Wand massagers are some of the most powerful and popular types of vibrators available. For those of us that demand pure, toe-curling power, these miracle machines deliver like no other sex toy can. Many consider them the perfect pleasure device in almost every way, shape and form.



The drawback is that wand massagers are much bigger than most other toys. They look more like an oversized microphone than a sex accessory. Isn’t that awkward shape and size a bit of a buzzkill when it comes to finding sexy, creative ways to get off?

Nope. Believe it or not, these cumbersome physical attributes are actually assets.

All it takes is a little thinking outside the box to get the most versatility out of your wand for both solo and partnered play. The shape and size of wand-style vibrators allow you to do a lot more with them than you can with compact toys. Need a little inspiration to overcome that challenge? Try a couple of these innovative suggestions on for size:


Wand Vibes and Bondage

Wands are ideal for integrating into rope bondage. They are large enough to tie onto a partner, and with their wide heads and extreme power, are more likely to deliver effective stimulation even when they slip a little out of place.

One of the most common ways to do this is to tie your wand into a Shibari style rope harness. This tie is sometimes called a Hitachi Harness. If you never learned to tie a proper knot in scouts, no worries. Bondage tape is a great alternative to rope that doesn’t require you to know how to do any fancy bondage ties.


Wand Vibes for Orgasm Control

This can go hand-in-hand with bondage but doesn’t have to. Because wand vibrators are so intense, they tend to bring on orgasms much faster and more predictably than other types of sex toys. This makes them well suited for orgasm control games like consensual forced orgasms. Edging and orgasm denial is fun with these as well. In order to do this, use the wand on your partner's genitals until they are close to orgasm - then back off. Do this repeatedly until you decide they’ve earned an orgasm. You can even leave them hanging until next time. (For more creative orgasm control games download my Orgasm Control Guide)


Scissoring and Wand Vibrators

Scissoring is the act of intertwining your legs with a partner and rubbing your genitals together. Traditionally this done between two people with vulvas, however, this can also be an equal opportunity sex move. No matter what kind of genitals you and your partner sport, a wand vibrator takes this position to expert level. Place the head of a large wand between your bodies and grind on it simultaneously. This position is undeniably hot and amazingly orgasmic.


Rub a Dub and the Tub

O-Wand in Bath

Waterproof wands like the O-Wand are becoming increasingly common. They also make bath time more rewarding than any bath bomb ever could. The O-Wand is one that is not only waterproof but ergonomic as well. With its gentle curve and easy grip handle, it won't slip out of sudsy hands.

Sex is much more enjoyable when you’re fully relaxed. Wand vibrators were originally invented as muscle massagers so why move to off-label use right out of the gate? Take your time and start off massaging yourself all over. Work on the knots in your shoulders and sore spots on your back. Once you’re in a tranquil, blissful trance move lower for the finishing touch.

Playing in the tub is also perfect if you’re sensitive to the power of wand vibrators because the water can act as a buffer. Try setting your O-Wand to a patterned vibration and hold it just in front of your genitals without actually touching them. The vibrations will create rippling mini-waves in the water offering gentler stimulation.

Wand Vibrators Do Doggy Style

Using a wand during intercourse can sometimes be a little tricky. There isn’t much room between bodies plus wand toys tend to be bulky. A rear entry position, however, is perfect for a threesome with your favorite wand. Simply hold it against your genitals while you’re penetrated from behind. The powerful vibration from the wand can usually be felt rather strongly by your penetrating partner too.

Rear entry sex position with wand vibrator

Throw In a Toy Mount

A number of sex furniture companies make wand vibrator mounts. These are firm cushions that hold your toy in a stationary position so you can grind against it hands-free. Some of these allow you to be penetrated from behind while you have the toy underneath you. In some cases, you can make your own wand mount. Take a pillow from your bed and fold it between your legs as you kneel over it. If your pillow is firm enough, it will keep your wand in position.

Try a Wand Vibrator Attachment

Most wand toys can be fitted with optional accessories. The most common is a pointed, insertable curved head perfect for G-spot or prostate play. This type of accessory concentrates the vibrations to the tip of the curve, which can also be used for pinpointed external stimulation. Stroker attachments for penises are also a popular add-on.

Use It to Vibrate Other Toys

This works best with silicone butt plugs and dildos. Hold the head of the wand against the end of your insertable while it's inside you. The vibrations will carry throughout the entire toy. You can also get creative and vibrate the tips of body clamps or the chain on a pair of nipple clamps. Some people even hold a vibrating wand to their neck while performing oral sex or to their fingers while giving hand-sex.

Wand Vibrators and Penis Play

Almost everything I’ve mentioned here requires participants to have genitals. Although I didn’t specify any specific type, most of us default to thinking of vulvas when it comes to vibrating sex toys. If that was your assumption, remember, vibrators feel good on all types of bodies and in all kinds places. This most certainly includes penises. Wands with a flatter head can also be used for an external prostate massage. To do this, press the head of the wand against the perineum. Applying steady firm pressure will indirectly stimulate the prostate.

When it comes to any type of sex, experimentation and willingness to try new things keeps playtime fresh and sexy. Wand style vibrators may seem clunky and cumbersome but it’s precisely those attributes that make them so orgasmically versatile. Now that I have your creative juices flowing, how many other non-traditional ways of using wands can you think up?



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