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9 Super-Hot Ways to Use a Wand Massager

Published: APRIL 28, 2022
Wand style vibrators may seem clunky and cumbersome but it’s precisely those attributes that make them so orgasmically versatile.

If you hang around a sex toy-friendly space for just a few minutes, you're probably going to hear someone talk about wand massagers - and that's for a good reason! Wand massagers are some of the strongest vibrators out there! Whether you require that power for every session or simply want a toy that near-guarantees orgasm, a wand massager tends to be the best fit.

With great power comes one, unfortunate, downside, however. Wand massagers are usually bigger than your average, standard sex toy. While a clitoral vibrator like the LELO Sila Cruise might fit simply into the palm of your hand, LELO's Smart Wand 2 massager is noticeably longer than that same hand.

Let's put on our rose-colored glasses for a second, though: that "downside" becomes a bonus when you start to look at different ways to use the vibrator. A large handle means easier gripping - and it means that you can comfortably lay back and relax as the vibe does its job a foot away. That same large handle makes this style easier to mount - or fasten onto the body with bondage. Its large size even makes it easier to share between multiple bodies too!

So, let's get creative with the unique shape of the wand massager - and use it to our advantage for these 9 super hot ways to use a wand massager:


Take it Hands-Free

The size of your wand massager actually becomes a bonus when it comes to hands-free play. While a bullet vibrator (like the LELO Mia 2) doesn't have enough real estate to be held in place by most holsters, the size of a wand massager makes it an ideal partner for hands-free options. It just has a whole lot more room for a holster to grip on to!

You can accomplish this in a multitude of ways from sex toy mounts to belts designed just for holding a wand massager. You can even make your own hands-free harness simply out of a piece of rope!

Simply put: the large handle and large size of the wand massager, like the Smart Wand 2 is a benefit for those looking to get the sex toy to stay put somewhere for hands-free use.

Shared Pleasure

This is another way that the larger, thicker size of the wand massager can become a benefit. Instead of a smaller vibe that might be the perfect size to simply pleasure one person, a wand massager can be shared between bodies.

The large head of the wand massager can snuggle up against a clitoris - and still protrude enough to pleasure another clitoris or a penis. Unlike slender vibrators that might get lost between the folds of the labia, a wand massager still provides enough surface area to be a good option for sharing.

Plus, that long handle makes it easy to keep a grip on it - ensuring both of you can focus on grinding against the orgasmic toy.

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Close Encounter Sex Positions

Wand massagers have handles. They aren't small, 2" inch handles either. For example, the LELO Smart Wand 2 is about a foot in length. (The handle is even curved to make it even easier to hold between bodies!)

That size is more-than-enough to get a good, comfortable grip on your wand massager while not needing to strain. At the same time, the only thing that needs to be between you and your partner's body is the head of the massager - and not your hands. This means that some of your close-encounter sex positions are workable with wand massagers!

You can easily snuggle the vibrator head between your bodies while positioning the handle entirely away from the limited space between your hips. Wand massagers can make it easy to enjoy powerful vibrations during intercourse without interrupting the thrusting and pleasure. Heck yes!

(I'd recommend trying the Tuck Knee sex position to really see how a wand massager can shine here!)

Try Out Wand Attachments

If your wand massager has available attachments, boom: you instantly have new ways to play.

Even if your favorite wand massager doesn't have attachments directly from the manufacturer, other "standard" wand massager attachments may still be able to fit onto the massager. Just make sure to take the measurements of the attachments - and compare them to the size of the head of your wand massager.

Powerful internal vibrations may only be a single shipment away!


Orgasm Torture

Up for a bit of kink? Wand massagers make the perfect tool for orgasm torture. Since their power makes them the preferred toy to reach orgasm for many, it just makes sense that they could be used to "force" someone to reach an orgasm - or "torture" them with more orgasms afterwards.

That same power also provides very, very intense sensations after the orgasm happens, too! You can continue to "torture" your partner's extremely-sensitive parts right after orgasm - and the power of a wand massager really doesn't let them get away easy! Even from people who are trying to squirm away and "begging" for you to stop, you may still be able to wring out some additional orgasms they didn't know they were capable of.

Make sure you choose a wand massager with variable power levels - like the LELO Smart Wand 2. You'll likely want the most powerful settings for when you're trying to cajole them into their next peak - but you'll want the lower settings (or patterns!) for when the body is super-sensitive right after an orgasm.

Luckily, the Smart Wand 2 provides 10 settings, so you can dial in the perfect vibrations.

Use It on a Penis

Wand massagers are typically considered sex toys designed for clitoral pleasure - but there's absolutely nothing keeping them from pleasuring a penis just as powerfully! In fact, quite a few penis-owners find that powerful vibrations to the frenulum of the penis can provide serious orgasms - no stroking required!

Experiment with placement of the wand massager as well as pressure. Some penis-owners may find that firmer (or lighter!) pressure does it for them.

Depending on how used to stroking the penis-owner is, it might also be useful to gently rub the wand massager up and down against the shaft. This can help provide a sensation that the brain is familiar with - while simultaneously adding some pleasurable sensations and orgasmic vibrations. It's a win-win all around!

DIY Vibrating Dildos

So much power packed into a toy makes it the perfect companion to turn your other toys into vibrating powerhouses. Yes, that's right: your wand massager's powerful vibrations are strong enough to vibrate another toy.

So, next time you have your favorite dildo or butt plug inserted, try pressing the head of your wand massager against the base of the toy. Not only will you get some enjoyable external vibrations, but the power of the wand massager can vibrate the entire length of the inserted toy, too!


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Make It Your Quickie BFF

Only have a few minutes for connection before you need to run out the door? Rely on a powerful vibrator to ensure those few minutes are as pleasure-filled as possible. The sheer power of a wand massager makes it one of the better choices for a fast-paced pleasure session - at least, as long as that pleasure session is at home!

Especially if your quickies don't always result in orgasms for everyone (if other people are involved!), give wand massagers a try.

LELO Smart Wand 2 Large in black


Get Messy

As sex toy technology advances so do waterproof capabilities. This means that your wand massager might actually be waterproof! (I know the LELO Smart Wand 2 is)

A waterproof wand means that it can do the obvious things like join you in the shower or bath - or even the hot tub. It also means that cleaning up your wand massager is even easier; since you don't have to worry about accidentally harming the toy through water exposure, you can get lazy while cleaning it (after your awesome orgasms) and not have to worry about harming your vibe.

However, waterproof capabilities also extend past cleaning and bodies of water: it means that it can be used pretty safely for wet and messy sex.

What "wet and messy" means to you is going to differ from what it means to someone else. That could involve cake smashing - or covering each other in whipped cream. It could also mean shooting for female ejaculation - and not caring if it gets on your favorite toy. It could also mean watersports - or simply enjoying the freedom to take your wand massager into the shower or bath if that's where the impromptu action moves you.

A waterproof wand massager can add in a lot of kink potential - and a lot of potential for explosive, messy sex too.

Bonus: Use It Through Your Clothing

Wand massagers are powerful - powerful enough that some people enjoy using this sex toy through the fabric of clothing and still enjoying the resulting orgasms!

Whether you're enjoying dry humping, with a new partner and uncomfortable with nudity, or simply find it hot to wear your underwear (or other clothes!) during sex, a wand massager's power can transfer through fabric pretty easily. You can even use it overtop of menstrual protection like period panties or pads if you're trying to reduce clean-up.

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Get Creative

As you can see, the unique design of a wand massager really allows you to experiment with your pleasure. Using a wand massager doesn't need to be as simple as "get naked, press into place" - you can get really creative with it!

So next time you pull out your wand massager to enjoy its thrilling motor, try to think about its unique shape in a whole new way - because the unique shape of a wand massager can really open up in play potential!

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