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9 Penis Facts That Will Make You Feel Awesome About Yours

Published: FEBRUARY 28, 2018 | Updated: OCTOBER 21, 2020
You (and your penis) are probably pretty cool to someone. It's all in how you use it.

For a relatively small piece of real estate (sorry, guys), the penis sure does get a lot of press. But despite its outsized reputation, research shows that many penis owners aren't that satisfied with what they're packing. Case in point: A study conducted by researchers at King's College London, found that only 35% of people with penises are satisfied with their equipment.


But while it's simple to long for a different body, the reality of sex is a lot more complicated, and excellent sex has more to do with effort and ability than it does with anatomy. Don't believe me? Check out these penis facts - and not just any penis facts - the kind that'll help you feel awesome about yours.

Penis Size Doesn't Matter

For penis owners, comparing penis size - and the inevitable sense of inferiority that tends to follow - is a rite of passage. Fortunately, a whole slew of surveys have found that size just doesn't matter that much, at least not to men's sexual partners. In fact, in a survey of 1,100 readers conducted by Cosmopolitan, even among the 59% of female respondents who said they weren't satisfied with their sex lives, the vast majority said they wouldn't change a thing about their partners' penis size.

A survey conducted by Cosmopolitan Magazine found that even women who weren't satisfied with their sex lives wouldn't change a thing about their partner's penis size.


Plus, did you think vaginas were all the same size? Uh, no. In fact, the length of a "normal" vaginal canal ranges between 6.5 and 12.5 centimeters. That's why there's such a thing as "boyfriend dick." Basically (and fortunately), every dick can fit the bill for someone. It's all in how you use it!

But Perceived Size Does

While penis size may not matter to potential partners, perceived penis size definitely does. And, the problem is, most men perceive their size as inadequate which, according to some researchers, becomes a point of sexual shame. And I probably don't need to tell you that you can't ravish a partner if you're cowering in the corner trying to cover up your junk. In fact, one small study found that "penile dissatisfaction" made men more uncomfortable with revealing their penis to a partner - and even less likely to seek out treatment or solutions for sexual health problems, such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Bottom line? Your penis probably looks just fine to anyone who's attracted to you. And if it isn't working the way you want to, there's plenty you can do about it.


Smoking Can Make It Shorter

There isn't much you can do to make your penis bigger (and, yes, most penis enlargement claims are scams - and often painful ones at that), but you can avoid making it smaller by taking good care of it. You no doubt already know that smoking is bad for you, but did you know that it can contribute to erectile dysfunction? And, because the chemicals in those smokes do serious damage to blood vessels in the body, smoking can also prevent you from achieving your full erectile potential, according to a study conducted by BJU International. The good news? Quitting can turn things around in a few short weeks. So butt out, ya'll. You'll get to drop the ashtray breath and pump up your peen.

The Average Male Orgasm Lasts 6 Seconds

OK, maybe you could have guessed this one based on your own experience, but here's the part you may not know: women's orgasms last much longer. In fact, they get to soak in sexual bliss for a full 23 seconds! Of course, it takes women considerably longer to achieve orgasm as well - up to 15 minutes longer. This orgasm gap is definitely something to be aware of- and a good reason to keep the fun going on longer if you can.

The Average Romp Lasts 2 Minutes and 50 Seconds

And by "romp," I mean "sexual intercourse." No, that isn't the only way to have sex (in fact, we recommend trying many others!), but it isn't nearly long enough to allow a woman to achieve orgasm. (It takes most women about 20 minutes of stimulation to get to the big O.) So, invest some serious time in sexy foreplay to help get her closer before you connect. You can also work on maintaining your own ability to control the end-game with Kegels, cock rings or a topical climax control spray like Promescent.


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It's Quite Flexible

Penile euphemisms tend to portray this piece of anatomy as long, strong and sharing physical properties with some sort of forged metal. In reality, the penis is more like um ... Neo from "The Matrix," I guess?


No. Really, though. Researchers didn't know this until they watched people having sex in an MRI machine (now, there's a kink), but the penis actually bends into the shape of a boomerang during intercourse. Cool, huh?

There's an Icelandic Museum Dedicated to Honoring It

It's called the Icelandic Phallological Museum and it's awesome (I've been there!). It includes more than 280 penises and penile parts from almost all the land and sea animals that can be found in Iceland, including the human kind, thanks to a few science-minded human donors. OK, the place cracks a few size jokes (how can you not when the biggest penis is over five feet tall, while the smallest must be seen through a magnifying glass,) but it does leave you with a profound sense of just how cool this organ is.

Confidence Counts

Here, perhaps, is the most important penis fact of all: how well it pleases your partner has to do with your confidence. In fact, a European survey on sexual confidence found that 94% of men felt that sexual confidence was required for good sex. Most (79%) also believed sexual confidence was essential to satisfying a partner. What a person needs to feel confident varies, but we recommend better sex ed, more communication with your partner, and touching up your skills in the sack. If you're worried about performance issues like premature ejaculation, you should also address those.


Bottom line? You (and your penis) are probably pretty cool to someone. So feel good about what you've got. After all, it's all in how you use it.

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