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8 Reasons Why You Might Love a Sex Convention

Published: JULY 3, 2018 | Updated: JANUARY 12, 2022
Meet your favorite porn stars, buy sex toys, learn to up your game and more.

There's this amazing place where your vanilla life and erotic life can meet: a sex convention. Just like any other trade shows out there, the sex industry hosts its own conventions and, since a lot of the sex industry depends on consumers, most sex conventions are open to the public! Imagine your last boring trade show ... only this one's entirely focused on sex. You can meet your favorite porn star! You can buy new toys! You can attend workshops about blowjobs or the G-spot! You can enjoy erotic entertainment like stripper pole dancing, bikini lube wrestling, twerk contests, and more!

I know, I know. Sex conventions already sound pretty amazing. What?! You're not convinced?! Well, how about these other reasons why you might want to join in the fun.


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You'll Be Surrounded by a Sexually-Charged Environment

Unless you're active in a kink club, you're likely very rarely around any sort of sexually-charged environment. Sure, you and your partners may have sexually-tense atmospheres when you're playing, but the energy at these conventions is widespread, unique and totally amazing. Expect a sex convention to be held in bright lights with encouragement to participate and learn. You'll likely find yourself aroused, but you'll likely find yourself having new experiences at the same time.

You'll See Adult Stars

Have you ever met your favorite porn stars in person? Sex conventions can make that bucket list item a reality! Most sex conventions prioritize inviting some of the largest adult starlets to run booths and chat with convention attendees. Some sex conventions even invite top cam girls (and cam boys!) to perform and chat with people during the convention itself, so if you're more into cam performers, you still can have the chance to meet them as well!


You Can Purchase Unique Adult Merch

Now that you've met your favorite adult star, wouldn't you like to go home with a unique reminder of your experience? At a convention, for a small fee, many adult performers will take selfies with you, sign their merchandise, or sign other items for you. The fee will vary by performer, but most stars will be happy to do various things to help memorialize your adventure to the convention. Some even get pretty suggestive!

You Can Learn More about Sex

Lessons about sex are par for the course for many sex conventions. Some classes are taught by sex educators while other classes will be taught by porn stars. While these classes are usually optional (and may even be included in the price of admission to the convention!), they can offer a bonus learning experience during your con. Even if you aren't sure classes would be for you, try to give the class schedule a look-over to see if anything catches your eye.

There Are Sex Toys!

Not only can you learn about sex, meet porn stars, and purchase awesome adult merchandise, but you can also browse and buy toys! Many adult conventions will have multiple adult toy retailers vending in the space. Some of these companies are of the "small business" variety and may only vend on Etsy. Other companies may be huge retailers that bring out some of their wares to sell for a small sex toy "market." Expect to see kink gear, lingerie, sex toys, sex furniture, and more. It all depends on the individual conference! Most conferences will list their vendors ahead of time, so give the list a look to see what might be of interest to you.


You Get to More about the Industry

Most sex conventions will give you a rare-glance into the industry behind the curtain. While you may enjoy adult products and entertainment at home, at a sex convention, you can peek behind the curtain and meet the people involved. It's a unique, eye-opening experience filled with lots of cool and interesting people.


Parties are part of the appeal of sex conventions. Many conventions sponsor after-parties that can go right through the night. Dance it up with other sex-positive people, and even porn stars. It's a blast!

Sex conventions can be a lovely place to be around other sex-positive people, be involved in sex education, and buy awesome sex toys. Although this isn't an exhaustive list, here are a few sex conventions you may want to check out:


Exxxotica Expo


AVN Fan Expo

Bondage Expo Dallas


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