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8 Amazing Facts About Sex Toys You Can Whip Out at Your Next Dinner Party

Published: JUNE 5, 2017 | Updated: APRIL 24, 2020
Try dropping one of these tidbits to launch an open, honest conversation about sexual health and pleasure.

Facts about sex toys...well, here's one for you: The sex toy industry is worth about $15 billion per year worldwide. That's a lot of dildos, people.


But while statistics show that more than half of Americans have used a sex toy and you can now find them in many drugstores, pleasure products still aren't quite mainstream. Depending on your audience, the word "vibrator" still has the power to elicit dumbfounded stares, blushes and giggling. Sex toys may be increasingly common appliances, but they haven't totally dropped their stigma.

It's time for that to change. So, instead of giggling about butt plugs and shying away from conversations about masturbation, try dropping one of these tidbits to launch an open, honest conversation about sexual health and pleasure.

Sex Toys Go Way Back (Like Waaaay Back)

Think sex toys originated during the sexual revolution in the 1970s? Nope. They go back waaaay farther than that. While it's believed that vibrators were invented by Victorian doctors who had grown tired of manually stimulating female patients to orgasm (yes, really!), other sex toys have even longer histories. A stone phallus that could be the world's oldest dildo dates back 28,000 years! There is even historical record dating back as far as 500 B.C. of phalluses being carved out of stone, leather or wood. It's safe to say that people have been looking for novel ways to get off for a very long time!


Access to and Acceptance of Sex Toys May Depend on Where You Live

Where you live can be a huge factor in whether you play with toys. If you live in Chicago, you are much more likely to own a sex toy or two than if you live in Miami or Las Vegas (yes, that one surprised us too!). According to a survey by sex toy retailer Adam & Eve, the top states for sex toy purchases are Wyoming, Alaska and North Dakota!

They Can Improve Sexual Function

Now here's a myth-busting fact worth throwing around: Vibrator use has been shown to improve sexual function. In fact, regular a regular session with your vibe has been shown to improve arousal, desire and, (yes!) orgasm. Plus, 71.5% of vibrator users say they have never experienced any side effects from their private habit. That's a big deal, especially because many people still believe just the opposite - that vibrators will reduce sensitivity and decrease enjoyment of partnered sex. So vibe on, if you wanna - it's good for your sex life!

Lube Is a Top Choice at Sex Toy Retailers

According to statistics from Adam & Eve, the most purchased adult products are vibrators (19.2%), dildos (16%) and lube (14%). We are so glad to hear it! A good lubricant is one of the simplest ways to make sex sexier - not to mention more slippery.


Sex Toys Are for Everyone (Not Just Lonely Single People)

One of the most persistent (and confounding) myths about sex toys is that they're just for lonely, single people with no other options. In fact, battery-powered bliss is for everyone. As we've already discussed, it helps boost overall sexual health. Plus, 78% of women who report using sex toys use them in a relationship.

Some People Actually Need Them

OK, listen up: This one's really important. We often think of sex toys as, well, toys. In other words, we assume they're just for fun. But that isn't true for everyone. For 10-15% of women, for example, orgasms are very hard to come by. For this group of people, the right sex toy may be the only way to achieve the sweet release many of us take for granted. People with disabilities, some of whom may not be able to have partnered sex or reach orgasm without the help of a sex toy, may also rely on these devices - not just to make their sexual lives more enjoyable, but to make them possible. If we talk about sex as an equal opportunity activity, that means we need to be thinking about anyone who is willing and able to enjoy its pleasures. For some people, sex toys are what levels the playing field.

They're Great for Couples

Remember how we said that sex toys weren't just for single people? Well, they aren't just for solo play either. In fact, sex toys are great for playing with a partner. Research has even shown that when couples use sex toys together, it helps strengthen the relationship overall. You've probably heard the old adage that couples who play together, stay together. Well, whoever coined that one wasn't referring to sex toys, but it applies here too.


There's Definitely One Out There That'll Work for You

Probably the best thing about the growing level of acceptance around sex toys and their use is that the number and variety of toys on the market is proliferating. There are now more sex toys and sex toy types than ever before. And that is a great thing if you're in the market for something to tickle your bits. Do some research, read sex toy reviews online, and think about what you know you like. And, if you get something that doesn't blow your mind, keep learning and keep trying. Chances are, there's a toy out there that'll prove to be just the right fit for you.

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