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Are there different types of female orgasm?


Do a search for "types of female orgasms" and you will easily find lists and lists of types of female orgasm. Experts and authors speak of clitoral orgasm, vaginal orgasm, penetration orgasm, , anterior fornix orgasm, G-spot orgasm, U-spot orgasm, deep spot orgasm, posterior fornix orgasm, cervix orgasm, oral orgasm, anal orgasm, nipple orgasm, breast orgasm, skin orgasm, squirting orgasm, female ejaculatory orgasm, continuous orgasm, multiple orgasm, mental orgasms full body orgasm and so on.

I am here to tell you the truth. There is only one kind of human orgasm. This is true for a person of any gender. It is a series of muscular contractions. It can be stimulated in lots of ways and the outcome of these contractions can feel very different based on how you draw them out of your body. Yet, there really is just this one type of female orgasm.

All of the types of orgasm I listed above always end in a bombastic or light series of involuntary muscular contractions. The contractions can be subtle and isolated. If you stimulate your clitoris with your fingers or a toy, the muscular contractions are triggered by your nerves. The contractions tend to be short and fast. I sometimes refer to them as "high pitched."

Sometimes your contractions can be deeper and engulf more of your senses and body. This can happen when you engage your muscles and breathing, pumping and breathing in tandem during solo or partner play. Getting actively engaged with your muscles can often inspire deeper, longer more profound muscular contractions. And the stronger your pelvic muscles are, the bigger and more bad ass your orgasms will be.

I assure you, your body is really rather simple and very beautiful. There is little we know about sex today that we have not known for thousands of years. If you feel muscular tremors or contractions, you are indeed having an orgasm.

The more you work to strengthen your pelvic (sometimes called Kegel) muscles, the larger those contractions can be. The more sex play you have, alone or with a partner, the larger your orgasms will become. So play away. Enjoy your body. And don’t let anyone inspire you to question the kinds of joy you find within yourself.


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