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Are there sex toys I can use to tease a male partner in public?


What a fun question! There are several ways for you to play with your husband in public and what you choose will depend on what he enjoys. Cock rings are a fun place to start. A vibrating cock ring with a remote control gives you the all the power, while something that massages the perineum during wear leaves you with no work at all! Butt plugs are another great option. There are plenty to choose from and just having one in can create a whole new experience for your partner. If, however, you want to tease him a bit too, you can use a vibrating plug with a remote control allowing you to add vibration whenever you want. Finally, if you want to get a little more intense, you might consider a chastity cage. Put it on before leaving the house and spend the evening teasing your husband, who will now be unable to get an erection. Whatever you choose make sure to continually check in on your partner's comfort level - as he should when you are on the receiving end. Happy playing!


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