7 Steps for Choosing a Mouth Gag

Published: NOVEMBER 20, 2015 | Updated: NOVEMBER 13, 2021
Buying a mouth gag can seem overwhelming, but these 7 steps can help you buy the right gag.

Does the idea of being unable to speak arouse you? Do you think you'd enjoy seeing your partner in a mouth gag? Do you enjoy your BDSM activities, but would like to kick it up another notch? While using a gag in the mouth might seem difficult or scary, it can really be a lot of fun! Some people enjoy the sensation of not being able to speak, while other people just enjoy the sexy look of their partner being gagged. No matter which camp you fall into, shopping for a BDSM mouth gag doesn't have to be difficult or confusing.


Because using a mouth gag may not carry the obvious safety concerns of something like a paddle, you may be surprised by the fact that this toy actually is much more dangerous. Wearing a gag makes it more difficult for the wearer to breathe. Not only that, but wearing a gag will prohibit swallowing. This means that it will lead to quite a bit of saliva in the mouth. Prolonged wearing will lead to drooling. Some people may find that a mouth gag activates their gag reflex. With all of these things in mind, using a gag can be a dangerous, and potentially fatal, activity. You should take all safety precautions possible. We'll begin with those.

Safety Precautions with Mouth Gags

When using a mouth gag, the first and most important rule is that you should establish a "safe action." While you both may have discussed a safeword in the past, because you're inhibiting the ability to speak, it's important to adapt your safety notification to be something that the gagged partner can perform. A "safe action" is an action that means that you need to check in with your partner and that all activity needs to stop. The easiest types of safe actions include the gagged person holding a noisy item. For example, you could use a squeaky toy. If the gagged partner starts squeaking the toy, it means they're using their safe action. You could also use your household keys. If the gagged partner starts shaking them (or shows them to their partner intently), this can signal that play needs to stop.

Establishing a safe action is only the first safety step. Next, it's important that you never use a mouth gag when the gagged person isn't feeling or breathing their well. Whether it's a cold, allergy season, or a strenuous workout that left them below their 100% breathing capacity, you should never use a gag during those times. Along the same lines, never cover up or squeeze the nose while a person is wearing a gag. Because of the importance of breathing and how much a gag can interfere with it, it's vital that a gagged person never be left alone.


Now that we have the serious stuff out of the way, let's talk about all the fun things you should think about when you're looking to purchase a mouth gag! (Oh, and check out some great BDSM tips in 8 BDSM Tips - With a Twist!)

Ball Gag, Bit Gag, Spider Gag?

This is, by far, the most important aspect to choosing a mouth gag. Mouth gags come in various types. They have different looks to them. If you're someone who's going to enjoy the sexy appeal of a ball gag, go for one of those. Have issues keeping your mouth open wide? A bit gag may be more appealing to you. Would you like to be able to tease your partner with the potential of putting something in their mouth while gagged? A spider gag might be your best choice. As a note, please don't actually perform oral sex or insert anything into the mouth while using a spider gag. It's a delicious visual, but you're likely to choke. It's a serious safety hazard.


Plan for Gag Size

A lot of ball-style gags, for whatever reason, are very large in diameter. If you're a female or someone with a smaller mouth, many of these gags may not fit you properly. When you're choosing a first gag, ensure that the diameter is small. Think about going smaller than you think you will need if you have a choice. After all, having a too-small gag won't do any harm, while having a too-large gag may end up hurting your jaw or just end up being unusable. Consider a first gag diameter size in the 1-1.5 inch diameter range. If using another gag type, the size of the gag may not matter nearly as much.

Think about Materials

Gags can be made from a wide variety of materials. Because this is something that you're sticking in your mouth, you want a good material. Some of the cheaper materials have an unpleasant taste to them. Of course, you should make sure that you thoroughly wash your new toy before using it for the first time. Silicone is always the best choice for a toy material. If possible, select a silicone gag from a reputable manufacturer such as Tantus or ASLAN Leather. Plastic can also be a tasteless material. Other materials, like jelly or TPR, may have an odd taste or smell to them. While you may not notice the smell in your other sex toys, you're definitely going to notice since it is right under your nose.

Note Special Features

Are you worried about not being able to breathe while using a BDSM gag? Manufacturers have addressed that concern with gags with built-in breathing holes. While they don't entirely alleviate breathing issues, they do make it easier to breathe. If picking up a gag with breathing holes, thoroughly clean the gag before the first use. Please also be sure to run your hands over the gag and ensure there are no rough edges or excess bits of material before using your gag.


Consider Cleaning Concerns

This toy goes in your mouth, and it stays there for a long time. Isn't that reason enough to want to ensure that it's clean? Not all materials are built the same when it comes to staying clean. A material like silicone is going to be easier to sterilize. Most materials blends (such as TPR), while they can be thoroughly cleaned, may not be sterilizable. Plastic is another standard gag material that is sterilizable.

Pick Out a Color

While it may not have occurred to you in your initial decision, have you considered color? While mouth gags may not be available in the rainbow of colors you have probably come to expect from your sex toys, standard gag colors are black, blue, red and purple. There are even novelty gags made out of candy.

Muse Over Vegan Options

If you're concerned about using real leather, you may want to look into vegan options. The headstraps for most mouth gags use leather. So, you may have to do some special digging to find a good-quality vegan choice. While a couple of companies do provide vegan options, you may want to start your search with ASLAN Leather.Are you feeling more confident about purchasing your first mouth gag? It might seem difficult at first, but I promise you'll be able to find a good one for yourself (or the two of you!) when you consider some of these things. Of course, don't be afraid to experiment. If two gags are appealing to you, consider purchasing both. Experimenting with different gag styles will allow you to figure out what really appeals to you. Ensure you're purchasing from a reputable retailer, and of course, have fun with it!

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