7 Fun Ways to Use Flavored Lube

Published: NOVEMBER 28, 2019 | Updated: AUGUST 29, 2021
Zero-calorie dessert during sex? Yes, please!

Tempted by the idea of zero-calorie dessert during sex? Welcome to the world of flavored lubricants! Adding to all of the basic benefits of having lubricated fun during sex, flavored lubricants go one step further: a yummy flavor added to the slickness. Safe to lick, flavored lubricants offer slickness that tastes delicious.

Haven't heard of flavored lubricant before? Oh, you're in for a surprise! Flavored lubricants come in a variety of different tastes, including fruit flavours, dessert flavours, and even warming lubricants that taste like freshly baked goods. Lube that tastes like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies? Yes, please!

Now that you know what we're dealing with here, I'm sure you can see the potential for some amazing sex sessions. Flavored lube can easily go beyond the basic oral sex, though. Consider these seven fun ways to use flavored lubricant:


Secret Messages

Flavored lubricant isn't only for the genitals! Pick out one of your favorite lubricant flavors and a brand new, cleaned, slim paintbrush. Become your own Picasso! Dipping the paintbrush into the flavored lubricant, have fun writing out messages on your partner's body. The back, chest, and thighs make a particularly luscious canvas for this.

Let your partner guess what you're writing, or just have fun writing and then licking off your delicious creation. After all, you'll need a blank slate to start your next "painting"!

Looking to up the intensity on your partner's skin? Consider a warming flavored lubricant like the Wet Warming Desserts Lubricants. Not only do these taste delicious, but they'll leave a gentle warming on your partner's skin with every stroke of the paintbrush.

Sweet Kiss

You have flavored lube, so why not use it as a flavored "lip gloss"? Coat your lips in a thin layer of your new, flavored lubricant and enjoy a tasty make-out session with your partner.


Want to up the ante? Each person should put on a different flavor of lubricant. Will Juicy Watermelon go well with Sexy Strawberry? I guess you're about to find out!


Flavored lubricant can be amazing for a massage. Make sure your hands are sparkling clean before you begin (to avoid imparting any dirt into your oral canvas!), and then use the flavored lubricant as a massage oil during your massage. Not only does the massage feel better than with dry hands, but you can follow your hand's path with your tongue for an entirely different sensation!

Looking for a warm massage? Wet Lubricants makes one of the few flavored warming lubricants on the market. The Wet Warming Desserts Lubricants bring the deliciousness of flavored lube to the fun of a warming lubricant. Enjoy that same massage - only now it comes with a hint of warmth with every brush of the hands. The Wet Warming Desserts Lubricants are designed to reactive the warmth of the lube with every bit of friction, so every time the hands pass back over the area, the lube will light up with a gentle warmth again. Fun stuff!

Alternatively, before your massage, store your closed bottle of flavored lubricant in a shallow bowl of hot (but not boiling) water on the bedside table. The lubricant will take on some of the heat of the water for application.

Warm Then Cool

What better time to play with temperatures than when it's deliciously flavored? With a bottle of warming flavored lubricant in hand, head to your refrigerator. Pick out an ice cube or even just a cold bottle of water. With your partner nicely lying in bed (or even bound up in that bed!), press the ice cube against your lips (or drink down the cold water, letting it touch your lips as much as possible). Once your lips are a bit chilly, press them onto your partner's skin in any area you choose. With the "cool" part done, apply a bit of the warming lubricant to that same area, allowing your partner to feel the large variance in temperature.

Repeat until you've had your fill and want to move onto other delicious ways to "tease" your partner. (Don't forget; you could do this fun method of temperature play during oral sex as well!)


Power Exchange Fun

There's something particularly hot about lying back and "ordering" your partner to apply the flavored lubricant onto your body and then lick it off. You can pick the flavor, where the lube goes, and even if they're allowed to use their hands. So, what are you waiting for? Be in charge!

Secret Taste Testing

Okay, this one is just for those who love a bit of fun with their sex. Pick a partner to be the "taste tester" and pick a spot on the body of the other person for these fun tests. The taste tester is blindfolded. While the taste tester is blindfolded, the other person gathers all of the flavored lubricants (variety packs are perfect for this one!).

Once everybody is settled, the person, who can still see, will squirt a bit of one of the lubricants onto the agreed-upon area of the body. (We really recommend the genitals for a bit of playful fun!) Once it's there, they'll guide the taste tester's head gently to the area - where the taste tester needs to lick up the lubricant - and report back what the flavor is.

On "Easy" mode, you'll give the taste tester a list of different options to choose from while they try to decide what the taste is. On "Hard" mode, the taste tester has never seen what flavored lubricants you purchased, and they'll have to guess entirely from scratch.

Consider setting a "passing grade" for this one. If the taste tester is correct that number of times, you'll both do a fun activity that you agreed-upon before you started this sexy journey.


Oral Sex

Okay, we weren't going to make it through an entire list of fun stuff to do with flavored lubricants without mentioning the obvious. Flavored lubricants were literally designed for oral sex! Apply lightly at the beginning of your pleasure session and reapply as often as you'd like. Flavored lubricant can give oral sex a different taste and just some added slickness that's a nice departure from the regular activity!

Not necessarily into the taste? Consider adding the flavored lubricants to some of the nearby areas. Most flavored lubricants have a dessert-like smell in addition to the taste. Adding flavored lube nearby will allow you to enjoy the scent without necessarily tasting it. The crease of the thighs is a particularly sensitive area in most bodies, so consider adding the lube there and add some pleasurable touches there during your oral sex session.

Flavored Lube Basics 101

Okay, so now we've definitely piqued your interest. "Hell yeah," you're saying, "let's get into that tasty lube!"

Just a second! Just like non-flavored lubricant, there's some things you should know about flavored lubes before you go nuts.

When it comes to flavored lubricants, the biggest concerning offender is sugar or sugar-like substances. After all, we all want our flavored lubricants to taste delicious! Glycerin is a metabolic by-product of sugar, which can potentially upset the balance of the vagina for people with glycerin sensitivities. If you're sensitive to vaginal imbalances, it's best to choose lubes that don't contain glycerin. To avoid potential problems, choose lubes that use Stevia or other glycerin-alternatives which are non-fermentable (which means it doesn't feed yeast which causes the issues!)

Of course, since this is a lube, it may also have some of the other lubricant ingredients to avoid depending on your body and your sensitivities. Most of these ingredients aren't necessarily dangerous, but like all things about our bodies, anatomy, and sex, some of us are more sensitive to some things than others.

That's it, though! See? That wasn't so bad! Just check out the ingredients list ahead of time - especially if you have sensitivities - and watch where you're using it, and you're good to go! So, now you're ready to try those delicious flavors of lubes! Sexy Strawberry, anyone?

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