6 Steps for Choosing the Perfect Kegel Balls for You

Published: APRIL 3, 2018 | Updated: AUGUST 17, 2021
Kegel balls can help strengthen your pelvic floor, increasing sexual pleasure. Who wouldn't want a set?

You know it's important to exercise your muscles, right? After all, if you don't regularly use your arms, your upper body strength will decline until you have problems functioning in day-to-day life. While rarely spoken about in your doctor's office, your pelvic floor muscles need a regular workout too.


Stronger pelvic floor muscles can provide a lot of benefits. And while you may not think much of these little muscles in your younger years, they will become vital to your sexual and urinary health as you age. No matter your age, however, exercising the pelvic muscles is very beneficial. Not only does it increase overall health, but it also increases bladder control, helps reduce the risk of a prolapsed uterus, increases vaginal tightness during intercourse and decreases urinary urgency.

Oh, and they'll make your orgasms much more powerful. Do we have your attention now?

One of the best ways to exercise your pelvic floor muscles is by using Kegel, or Ben Wa, balls. Here we'll take a look at how to choose a set for better pelvic health - and possibly the best sex you've ever had.


Kegel Balls: Exercise Equipment for Your Vagina

Just like there are weights for your arm muscles, your pelvic floor muscles have their own exercise equipment. While it is completely possible to do pelvic floor exercises without any type of equipment, many women find that having Kegel balls makes it more enjoyable, easier to do, and in some cases, potentially orgasmic. Purchasing a good set of Kegel balls can ensure that you look forward to strengthening these muscles on a regular basis.

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For beginners, using Kegel balls can seem like a challenging experience. Don't worry! There are a few ways to help you get the hang of things faster and easier. First, make sure you have good lubricant. Allow yourself to relax. Once you're relaxed, lubricate the Kegel balls thoroughly. Now, this may feel odd, but Kegel balls are inserted in a similar fashion to tampons. If this isn't working, give yourself a little break and try to relax again. Remember: there's nothing wrong with just trying again another day!


Once you have your Kegel balls inserted, you're good to go! You may want to slide the retrieval string (attached to most Kegel balls) into a comfortable position outside the body to ensure that it isn't rubbing uncomfortably. What you do now is up to you. Some people enjoy going about their regular business and chores while others enjoy starting something sexual with their partner. Yet others prefer to lay down (or stand up!) and do conscious tightening of their muscles around the Kegel balls. All you need to do is keep the balls inside in order for your vaginal muscles to get stronger. To see faster results, do a quick online search for various Kegel ball exercises and find one that you prefer.

So, that's a run down on how to use Kegel balls. Now it's time to choose the right set for you.

Step 1: Decide if You Want a Single Ball or Double Ball


Kegel balls are generally built in one of two ways: with a single ball, or with two balls attached together by some type of material (in rare cases they aren't attached). Some people prefer the sensation of two Kegel balls, while others find that two balls tend to slip out more easily. Beginners should start with a single Kegel ball if you're split between the two options as the single ball tends to be more beginner-friendly. (Check out a review of LELO's HULA Beads, a vibrating pelvic floor exerciser.)

Step 2: Know Your Size

While there isn't much variance in Kegel ball sizes, there are some guidelines for getting the right fit. Smaller, lighter Kegel balls are going to be easier to use and much more beginner friendly. If you've found that regular Kegel balls are starting to feel too easy, you may want to consider a a heavier set for your next purchase. As a general rule of thumb, larger sizes are recommended for women who've had children while smaller ones are recommended for those who have never given birth.


Step 3: Contemplate the Ability to Upgrade

In order to make it easier to get the perfect weight, manufacturers have designed an interchangeable Kegel ball system. With this system, the Kegel balls sit in a silicone "shell." Each Kegel ball is entirely removable. This allows you to customize your Kegel exercise with various weights to get the perfect pelvic workout for you. Start with the lighter ones and pop in heavier weights as you progress with your training. If you'd like an "all-in-one" system to avoid purchasing Kegel balls again for a while, these interchangeable sets are your best bet. However, since it's possible for bacteria and bodily fluids to get "underneath" the silicone shell, these types of Kegel balls do require a bit more cleaning attention.

Step 4: Choose the Weight


As a general rule, the heavier a Kegel ball is, the more advanced you should be to use it. As a beginner, you should stick to lighter weights. Not all sex toy retailers are going to include the weight of the Kegel ball in the description. You may have to do a bit of digging to find out the weight of your potential toys. The best way to do this is to start your research online before you go shopping. Some Kegel ball weights are listed in ounces while others are listed in grams. You may need to do some calculations to find a way to judge their weights in similar measurements.

Step 5: Give Thought to Kegel Ball Materials

Vaginal exercisers are available in a variety of materials. You'll want to consider how easy it will be to keep the toys your choose clean and how much friction the material will provide. Kegel balls made of glass will slip out more easily and require more muscle strength than a Kegel ball made from silicone. Don't only consider the material of the Kegel balls; make sure you also consider the material of the retrieval string as well. As a general rule, look for materials that are easily cleaned and are body safe, such as silicone. Avoid Kegel balls held together with porous materials, and these can hold bacteria.

Step 6: Pick Your Favorite Color

When everything else is equal, choose your favorite color. Kegel balls are available in a lot of colors. LELO's version comes in blue, pink an sexy black. When choosing a color, the only thing to consider is what looks good to you. It's an easy choice!

In order to receive the most benefits from your Kegel balls, you'll need to use them on a regular basis just like any other type of strength training. With the help of this guide, you'll find a set that makes you look forward to your daily pelvic exercise - and your next orgasm.

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