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6 Facts About Orgasms That Will Shock You

by Kinkly
Published: JUNE 8, 2015
Orgasms are a glorious thing...but did you know that they can happen from something other than stimulation. Well, you do now!

The path to climax is paved with perplexities, possibly some muscle cramps, awkward silences, or the even more awkward opposite of too much talking. What makes an orgasm go from OH to Oh NO? The wonderment of multiple orgasms, that poor soul who can never experience sex’s crowning glory, clitoral stimulation trumps intercourse alone - we’ve all heard these orgasmic truisms before. Yet there are still several wow factors that might surprise you about those special few seconds.


Here are six shockers about sexual release you probably didn't know ... until now.

1. The "Coregasm"

By now, we all know there’s more than one path that leads to an orgasm — I mean, you have nearly a dozen erogenous zones to choose from. What you probably didn’t realize is a good core workout could be your ticket to climax. Scientists attribute this pleasure phenomenon experienced by some women to pelvic muscle contractions, tension build-up in the legs and abdomen, nerve impulses, or a combination thereof. Whatever the reason, who cares? The Big O in exchange for a smaller waist? I’ll take it!

2. The "Birthgasm"

If you didn’t actually get to experience sexual satisfaction the night of conception, just wait until the product of your love (or lust) is about to arrive. Turns out, some women get that orgasmic experience they’ve been waiting on nine months later, moments before delivery. New mother’s glow and the orgasmic afterglow. Yup, it can all add up to that awkward moment when labor screams turn into orgasmic moans.


3. Mind Over Masturbation

They say if you want something bad enough, it will come. Apparently, the same can be said for your climax. A combination of visualization, counting, and giving yourself permission to be pleasured has experts saying women can actually achieve orgasm not just in bed, but in their head. Remember, practice makes perfect!

4. Volume Set to OH!

Looking for ways to turn up the heat in the bedroom? Try turning up the volume. Incorporating high pitched noises into your tantric playtime brings sexual energy to your throat, chest, and head. Lower pitches bring your lower body sexual pleasure. Turn your volume in the bedroom from zero to OH.

5. Excessive Pleasure Leads to Excessive Pillow Talk

Do you find yourself turning into a Chatty Cathy after the post-climax collapse? That urge to purge your feelings following sexual satisfaction is actually your body purging a neurochemical called oxytocin. The natural high rushing in with a flood of hormones makes excessive pillow talk seem like a great idea. Stick to spooning (it’ll have the same effect) until the morning after, and then re-evaluate your desire to dish out the feelings.


6. Pleasure Isn't Universal

While the tabloids and sex scandals gone viral on the Internet may lead you to believe otherwise, America’s sex life is less than orgasmic. When it comes to the frequency, variety, and satisfaction rate of the average American’s sexual encounters, our nation’s risqué reputation does not compare to the friskiness of Brazil or Israel. As a leading world power, it’s about time we rise to the occasion in the bedroom too.


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