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5 Tips for Buying Anal Beads

Published: AUGUST 30, 2018 | Updated: AUGUST 17, 2021
Anal beads are one of the best toys out there for butt newbies - if you find the right set for you.

If you enjoy that wonderful, pleasurable sensation of the first bit of penetration during anal sex, anal beads are going to be your new favorite toy. As a toy that basically consists of a strand of anal-safe beads, you can insert the beads, one by one, to experience that sensation over and over again. You also get to experience it on the way out! Anal beads are well-loved by experienced players as well as beginners; the simplistic design makes it easy to go as far as you'd like and take as much time as you want.


What Beginners Need to Know About Anal Beads

Many beginners don't know what to do with their first set of anal beads. After all, dildos or other anal toys seem pretty self-explanatory: penetrate and thrust. Anal beads are a bit different. While rigid anal beads can use the "penetrate and thrust" method, most flexible beads are designed for a different type of use. Beads allow the body to, over and over, experience the pleasure of the anal sphincter opening wide and then closing again. That's the point of anal beads. You can just slowly insert (and remove) each of the anal beads over and over to relish the sensation, or you can insert the entire strand and enjoy the feeling of fullness. Some people prefer to pull out the full strand of beads at the edge of orgasm to push themselves over the edge. Experiment with different techniques to see what feels best for you.

As with any anal toy, you won't have fun if you don't practice basic anal safety. Make sure to thoroughly lubricate yourself and the anal beads before insertion. Don't insert the entire strand of beads. You should always have a simple way to remove the beads by just tugging on the string. If you feel any pain, stop what you're doing, relax, and try it again. If you still feel discomfort, consider putting the beads aside for another day. Not every day is going to be a great anal day. Remember to listen to your body, including when it's giving you those feelings of orgasmic pleasure!

Now that you know the basics of safety and how to use your anal beads, it's time to purchase your first strand! Here are five things you should consider when making your purchase.


Ensure Your Safety

There are a lot of anal beads for sale out there, and you want to make sure that you pick a set that's going to be safe to use. What you require for safety will depend on how you plan on using your beads. If you plan on using them over and over, make sure to select a material that can be cleaned. We recommend silicone beads because silicone is non-porous, which means you can thoroughly clean it and remove all anal bacteria between uses.

If you want to insert the full length of the beads into your butt, make sure you select anal beads that have a good, stable flared base that's firmly attached. Just a plastic O-ring tied to the a string may not be durable enough to pull out the beads later when you're done with the set; remember that anal muscles can be pretty strong! Make sure to put your own safety first. That safety needs to include a good flared base, easy-pull handle, and materials that can be thoroughly cleaned.

Consider the Length

Anal beads are one of the most flexible types of anal toys out there when it comes to length. You can insert as little (or as much) of the length as you'd like. That's what makes this toy particularly great for beginners because you can move at your own pace. As you start to experiment with anal pleasure, however, consider how "deep" you like your sensations. If you enjoy toys touching the innermost places of your body, you'll want to look at anal beads with a longer length. If you don't think that's important, you can happily settle for a shorter length of beads. Remember that you can always leave beads out if you determine you've had enough, but you can't magically make beads appear if you still want more and have inserted the full, safe length of the toy.


Booty Beads anal beads sex toyThese silicone Booty Beads are a great option on the shorter side, with 4.5 insertable inches.

Mull Over the Flexibility

The flexibility of your anal beads should pop into your head as well. Would you prefer something that glides along with every internal curve of your body or would you like something that is stiff and straight? A straight strand of anal beads will be easier to insert while a flexible strand will most-likely require a gentle push from a finger on each individual bead. If you're looking to insert a longer strand of beads, choosing a more-flexible strand will increase your comfort for deeper penetration.

Take a Look at Material

While you're looking at everything else for your potential anal beads, don't forget about the material. Silicone anal beads are flexible and you'll be able to sterilize them. They're also increasingly affordable. When it comes to anal play, it's really the best possible option.


Consider Vibrations

If the idea of vibrating anal beads has you feeling a bit flush, make sure that your potential beads are equipped with the capability to shake. While many anal beads are vibration-free, there are quite a few that come equipped with vibrations. Some toys include a wire that runs to a remote that controls the vibrations while other toys have an optional vibrating bullet that can be slipped into the base of your anal beads to cause the entire strand to vibrate.

b-Vibe Triplet anal bead vibrator

Now that you know a bit about where to begin, it's time to start your journey to find the anal beads that will work best for you. Anal beads are a great beginner's introduction to anal play. You can continue to enjoy this single toy for years to come! While it might take you a couple tries to find the best strand of beads to meet your needs, most people don't "grow out" of anal beads. A single strand can last you for a very long time. Remember to keep some of these suggestions in mind while picking out your next set of anal beads. And go check out Indigo Honey's collection of anal toys here!


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