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You Know You Wanna: 3 Simple Ways to Have Bigger, Stronger Orgasms

Published: JULY 25, 2017 | Updated: FEBRUARY 15, 2022 03:34:28
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When it comes to orgasms I think we can all agree that bigger and stronger is better. Here's how to get 'em.

There are a lot of things to disagree on - politics, religion, whose mother-in-law is worse. But when it comes to orgasms, I think it’s safe to say we all agree: bigger and stronger is better. Sure, the female orgasm has a history of being elusive (mostly by men who are too worried about their own orgasm) but achieving optimal sexual pleasure is probably not as hard as you think. How, then, do you bridge the gap from “I’m having an orgasm” to “Oh. My. God. I’m having an orgasm!”?


Here are three simple ways to have bigger, stronger orgasms (on your own or with a partner).

Stimulate Your G-spot and Your Clitoris (at the Same Time)

Blended orgasms are to sex what wine and chocolate are to your palate. Sure, you could have one or the other but why not have both? The clitoris is the go-to spot for most women (thanks to those 8,000 nerve endings) seeking an orgasm, while the G-spot orgasm is a bit more elusive - although totally possible if you do it right. Combining the two ups your odds of a powerful orgasm. You can shoot for a blended orgasm with your partner by getting into a position where a penis or toy can hit your G-spot while stimulating your clitoris with your hands or a toy. If you’re flying solo, LELO's SORAYA massager does all the work for you.

Work Your Way Up to Orgasm

Foreplay is absolutely necessary for many people. The build up of sexual tension, the lingering pleasure of being warmed up, the anticipation of what’s to come - they're all key ingredients for an unforgettable orgasm. If you want to take that anticipation a step further (and make the orgasm even bigger) consider edging. This is the act of bringing yourself (or having your partner bring you) close to orgasm and then stopping, only to start all over again. The repeated stimulation allows for maximum arousal. By the time you let yourself climax, your body will be ready for that mind-blowing orgasm you’ve been craving. If you want to add an extra element of fun, have your partner use the remote to a couple’s vibrator (this one is amazing) — they can tease you over and over again until you’re practically begging to come.


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Do Your Kegels

OK, so when you think about Kegels, you probably don’t get super turned on. That’s fair. Kegels are usually promoted as a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor to, ya know, keep your bladder from leaking (especially if you’ve had a baby). But those pelvic floor muscles, which are called the pubococcygeus, are the same muscles that contract during an orgasm. So, strengthening them can make your vagina feel tighter, as well as intensify the sensation of vaginal penetration, allowing you to have a stronger orgasm.

There are several variations of doing Kegels, some infinitely sexier than others. You can do Kegels by finding the muscles you use to stop urinating and squeezing them for three to five seconds at a time, and repeating for as long as feels comfortable. Or, if you’re looking for a more fun way to Kegel, consider getting some Kegel balls like the LELO LUNA beads. You can practice clenching and unclenching your pelvic floor, walking around, or initiating sexy time with your partner (or yourself). All that matters is that you keep the beads inside of you - that alone will strengthen your pelvic floor and your orgasms.

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Whether you’re feeling solo play or are being intimate with a partner, it can never hurt to try for a bigger, stronger orgasm. The only person you’re in competition with here is yourself, so go for it. Double stimulation, Kegels, and edging are all great ways to get you there. For the best experience, put all three into a rotation and see what happens.



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