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3 Great Sex Positions for A Tilted Cervix

Published: FEBRUARY 2, 2023 | Updated: MAY 15, 2024
A tilted cervix is totally normal. Changing positions, engaging in non-penetrative sex and adding modification devices can help to reduce pain and increase pleasure.

A tilted uterus, also referred to as a retroverted uterus or tilted cervix, is a common condition that affects roughly 25% of people with a uterus (myself included!).


As the name suggests, a retroverted or “tipped” uterus tips backward toward the spine, whereas an anteverted uterus (what the majority of people have) tips forward toward the stomach and sits more closely along the top of the bladder.

A tilted uterus isn't dangerous but can cause back or pelvic pain during intercourse, menstrual pain, discomfort using tampons, recurrent urinary tract infections, and minor urinary incontinence.

"Due to the position of the cervix in the vagina, penetrative sex can cause discomfort, particularly in rear-entry positions or with deep thrusting," says Dr. Bailey Hanek, AASECT-certified sex therapist and consultant for the Between Us Clinic. "Most often, the discomfort or pain comes from bumping up against the cervix or the stretching or movement of the ligaments that support the uterus."


Not all people with a tilted uterus experience pain or discomfort during sex -- many people with this condition don't even know they have it. If you have a tilted uterus (or suspect that you do) and want to improve your sex life, trying a new position may help ease your discomfort.

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1. Modified Missionary Position

The Missionary Sex Position: The receiving partner lies flat on their back while the penetrating partner lies, stomach down, on top of them. The penetrating partner props themselves up with their arms.

The Missionary position gets a bad rap for being 'vanilla', but this position can be modified to provide extra comfort for people with a tilted uterus. Sarah Melancon, Ph.D. -- sociologist, certified sexologist, and sexuality and relationships expert for Sex Toy Collective -- recommends keeping your legs close together and placing a pillow beneath your hips for added support. As you ride the wave of pleasure, try keeping your belly touching your partner's so that your bodies are closer together.


How to do it: In the missionary position, one person lies on their back while the penetrating partner is on top, facing them. You can modify this position based on what’s comfortable for you and your partner. The modified missionary position is also a great position for people living with chronic pain and/or mobility issues, where thrusting movements are difficult. If you have chronic pain or disabilities consider having a conversation before, during and after trying this position.

Bonus: The missionary position is perfect for anal sex as it helps to relax your PC muscles.

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Other variations of the missionary sex position include Flying Missionary, Slippery Missionary, Lesbian Missionary, Reverse Missionary, and Standing Missionary.

2. Spooning Position

The spooning position: The receiving partner and the penetrating partner lie on their side, facing the same direction, while the penetrating partner enters the receiving partner from behind.

Spooning is an underrated sex position. Not only can it be super comfortable for people with a tilted uterus, but it also increases intimacy by allowing you and your partner to touch and caress one another in new ways. You can also turn things up a notch by stimulating your clit either with your fingers or a toy as you and your partner rock your way to orgasmic bliss.

How to do it: The spoon sex position is a rear-entry position in which both partners lay on their sides, front to back. The penetrating partner lies behind the receiving partner. This position may be really accessible for people with disabilities that limit movement, (Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.) because it allows for minimal movement and maximum pleasure.


Other variations of the spoon sex position include the Binding Spoon, Lesbian Spooning position, Reverse Spoon, and the Facing Spoon.

3. Facing Spoon Position

Facing Spoon position: Both partners lie on their side, facing each other.

The Facing Spoon position (also known as the sidewinder or side-by-side position) allows both partners to control how deep they thrust. You can kiss, hug, and hold each other closely in this position as you both reach orgasm. It's also an excellent position for foreplay or double penetration. This position is also very accessible for people with Cerebral Palsy, MS, etc., due to the minimal movement required. If you are disabled, penetration may be off the table; this position allows for foreplay to take over.

"Inserting a plug into the rectum can apply pressure on the uterus, causing it to tilt forward," says Dr. Amir Marashi, OB-GYN and CEO of CERĒ. "This can make intercourse more pleasurable for women with a retroverted uterus."


How to do it: The Facing Spoon position sex position is a sex position in which both partners lay on their sides, facing one another. The receiver positions their legs so the penetrating partner can enter comfortably. Once the giver is situated, the receiver closes their legs together, encompassing their partner’s shaft (or dildo, if using a strap-on).

Additional Tips

While trying a new position can help, there are other ways to make playtime more enjoyable.

Here are some additional tips to help you regain control of your sex life:

  • Use an intimate wearable. The Ohnut is an intimate wearable designed to help you control and adjust the depth of penetration. It works by sliding one or more body-safe rings onto a penis or dildo, creating a soft and realistic-feeling barrier. Choose to wear one ring or four, it's up to you! (I typically use three with lots and lots of lube.)

  • Invest in CBD suppositories. CBD suppositories and/or CBD lube may help reduce pain and discomfort for some people. (I use Foria’s Intimacy Melts.) Just be sure to read the fine print, as some CBD lubes may not be compatible with your choice of condoms or toys.

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Having a tilted cervix is completely normal and, while it may mean exploring pleasure in distinct ways, that's OK! Pleasure doesn’t always equal penetration. Don’t forget to mix it up and incorporate other non-penetrative, accessible and disability-centric sex acts into your routine. This could mean stimulating your clit with toys or your fingers, dry humping or participating in oral sex.
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