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5 Sweet Sex Positions, Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Published: FEBRUARY 7, 2019 | Updated: AUGUST 29, 2021
These five super-sweet positions are perfect for Valentine's day. Strawberries and whipping cream are optional.

Maybe you aren't into heart-shaped cards or candy, but Valentine's day comes with other, less commercial, perks: It's a great day for getting laid. It's a day that warrants warrants the mind-blowing, sweat-dripping intimate sex we all want but don't always make time for. It may even involve strawberries, dark chocolate, whipping cream and sex toys!

Sounds sweet enough, right? It gets better. Here are five hand-picked, tried-and-tested positions (plus toys to enhance them!) to ensure that your February 14th play date is one that ticks all your boxes.


The Blind Hole Sex Position

Get Shot by Cupid's Arrow this V-Day

The blind hole position is intimate, face-to-face and lets you take things slow. This position has intimacy locked in all round! After all, isn't that what a Valentine's Day kiss should be all about?

Toys to Try: If you want to turn up the heat on this one, try a simple cock ring.


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The Cornerback Sex Position

Get Shot by Cupid's Arrow this V-Day

The conerback position takes a little work to get into, but that makes it all the more satisfying. Plus, staring deep into each other's eyesmakes it even hotter.

Toys to Try: This would be great paired with a butt plug or, depending on your genital configuration, a vibrating cock ring could be cool too!


The Hooked In Sex Position

Get Shot by Cupid's Arrow this V-Day

The hooked in anal sex position provides a seriously hot Valentine's day cuddle - and some significant intensity. What's not to love?

Toys to Try: Give either partner a Magic Wand - it's great for people with penises and vaginas (and there are some great attachments for using them on a penis.)

The Double-Header 69 Sex Position

5 Sweet Sex Positions, Just in Time for Valentine's Day

As the most democratic of sex positions, the 69 is perfect for Valentines day. Nothing shows mutual appreciation better than this.

Toys to Try: There's already a lot going on here, but some nipple clamps couldn't hurt, right?

The Tuck Knee Sex Position

Get Shot by Cupid's Arrow this V-Day

This position goes deep. Way deep. And it's hard work for the giver. This kind of devotion will speak intimacy louder than any box of chocolates ever could.

Toys to Try: The giver may get off on a vibrating anal plug.

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