Statistics suggest that men are more likely to cheat on a partner, or seduce another person's partner, than women. A new study suggests it's because the intensity of men's desire is greater, and therefore harder to resist. But before we let guys chalk their bad behavior up to biology, it's important to note that women are catching up. According to the most recent General Social Survey, they're cheating 40 percent more than they did back in 1990 (although still 30 percent less often than men).

So why do men cheat? And why are women doing it more often? This infographic chalks it up to pornography. It's an interesting idea, but we'd venture to guess it's a lot more complicated than that (plus, porn was around long before 1990!). What do you think? Who's more likely to cheat? And why do they do it? Tweet us @Kinkly_com.