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16 New Sex Resolutions for 2016

by Kinkly
Published: JANUARY 4, 2016 | Updated: JANUARY 12, 2022
Picking new sex resolutions for 2016 can give you a much happier new year!

Make 2016 your year in the bedroom by making these new sex resolutions of your own. Here are 16 ways to make every sticky second count.


No.16: Sex Date Night

Scheduled sex. Where's the spontaneity in that, you ask? Perhaps not as spontaneous as getting it on at random times, but clearing your schedule that one night a week will actually allow you to turn off all the other distractions and make time for sex; perhaps you'll even giving you a little steamy something to look forward to. And a sure thing is a good thing, right?

No.15: Weekly Massages

Setting aside some personal one-on-one time to unwind from the daily rigmarole that rarely leaves you any real energy for sex can be very valuable. This kind of time out can be very unassuming and take its own course - no preconceived notions or expectations involved. Just keep it simple and sensual, and let it do whatever it does on its own.

No.14: Dinner Date and Sex

Actually take the time to have a real date night out. Dinner, drinks - whatever gets you both off. Then, use that laid back and great mood opportunity to run home and make it like it's your first night in together. Worst case? You've had a pleasant date night, even if you've passed out before you even make it back to bed.


No.13: Invite a Third

Take the step of spicing things up by introducing a third playmate into the works. This third person should offer both of you that little something that you appreciate sexually within the comfort and security of a predefined arrangement that has everyone on the same page. Plus, you get the obvious benefit of enjoying a hall-pass together.

No.12: Take a Sex Holiday

On January 1st, get right into it ... you know the drill. Pack a few things, get away from it all, and appreciate the hell out of your playmate sexually - all bubbles and no distractions!

No.11: Talk About Your Sex Life

Talk about your sex life openly and honestly. All that second guessing and frustration has gone on too long. It stops in the New Year when you're both up front with what should go on - and what shouldn't. Imagine for a second what the sex could be like if you're both getting to do some of the stuff you actually love, and might have in common!


No.10: Fucking and Fighting

If that fails, turn it up both ways. Fight it out, then fuck it out with all the make-up sex you have steam for. Even if nothing gets resolved, the sex should be incredibly hot.

No.9: Have Sex in a New Place

Once a month, pick a time and place and get out there and do it. Break the boredom and lighten things up. You deserve to put some spark back into sex again!

No.8: Meet "Blindly"

Have a blind date or whatever spin you want to put on it. Do that picking a time/place thing again and "randomly" hook up then and there. Re-live some of that teenage sex by pulling up at a deserted beach in separate cars ... before ending up in the back of one (or both) of them!


No.7: Have Mutually Exclusive Sex

Take a hall pass each and go out into the world. This might be a messy experience, but it should serve to underscore any and all appreciation that you have for one another. At the very worst (and best), it will help to clarify how "dependent" you both are about your current sexual relationships. In lieu of that, you could do some much needed sorting out of any staleness that may have become apparent.

No.6: Take Turns

Take turns doing the things your playmate loves. In the spirit of some good old giving and taking, giving your playmate what they want - and getting the same in return - will help reestablish the team effort involved within a functional sexual relationship. You'll also learn to balance selfish actions with selfless ones in the bedroom; and that is a big part of what it's all about.

No.5 - Food and Sex

This is really simple. You can have a naked chef date night! Cook some of those foods that can be erotically eaten off of your playmate's body. Think back to that episode of "Sex in the City" where Samantha made sushi and served it up on her own personal platter. Enjoy everything involved with this particular date night: from the cooking all the way through to however many rounds of dessert you feel like stuffing yourself (or your playmate) with!


No.4: Sex by Next Day Delivery

Figure out exactly what kind of sex toy your playmate loves. This can happen in one of two ways: the toy your playmate loves having used on them, or the kind they love to get into you with. Buy it, and send it by courier to wherever it is your playmate's going to be the next day, with a handwritten little piece of naughty attached. Then, kick back and wait to see how quickly your next play date unfolds.

No.3: Start Sexting

Send a filthy little text message to your playmate more often. Not only should you succeed in distracting them away from whatever they're doing at the time, but it should undoubtedly result in an unplanned sex date within hours. And possibly put a bigger smile on their face than you could imagine. It should generally be a much welcome (if not a surprise) distraction.

No.2: Take a Sex Selfie

Take a solo sex selfie (to send along with that sext). Better yet, take one together with your playmate (if they are willing). While you're at it, make your own sex tape at home. When you're done, kick back with the popcorn bucket and laugh, cry ... or go for it like rabbits once again!


No.1: Get Your Intimacy On

Regularly. You will be pleasantly surprised to find how quickly an innocent gesture can lead to some awesome sex. Think back to the basics - a peck or making out randomly or an inappropriate touch or gesture, even the slightest, shortest, and most unexpected. There's nothing to it, but as far as sexual innuendo goes, a little can go a really, long way!


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