7 Holiday Sex Must-Don’ts

Published: DECEMBER 25, 2018 | Updated: OCTOBER 25, 2021
Snowflakes and reindeer ... and sex? Indeed. The holidays is a great time to get it on - as long as you get it right.

In the heat (or cool) of all that Christmas crazy, it's possible to keep a level head - and even screw all your Christmas cares away. In fact, the holiday season is one of those times of the year when sex is a great solution for pretty much everything that might get thrown your way. Stressed by the holiday rush or the family pressures? Have sex. Tired of hearing all about the holidays because you don't participate? Get it on (it's non-denominational!) That said, don't get caught up with some of the sometimes unavoidable faux pas. They won't make for any amount of merry. Here are the top things to avoid.


Don't Pee On Your Partner's Feet In the Shower

OK, so maybe you'd never do that ... right? The point is to lay off whatever little things you do to each other that make you crazy and send you into an argument. Instead, touch more, support each other, enjoy a quickie and just make space to connect. Everyone has annoying habits, but now is a good time to step up your game and avoid picking a fight - this time of year can get stressful enough as it is!

Don't Get Caught Up in Catching Up

Forget about nailing every imaginable detail involved in "that perfect Christmas," whatever that means. Why not just run out of steam early and give the gift your partner really can't live without?

Don't Be a Scrooge

It's a laid-back, happy time of year. Or it should be. Annoyingly, if often turns out to be anything but.


So appreciate some of the simple things that come hand in hand with this time of the year. Like hot chocolate back at his place, naked and wrapped around each other in bed. There really is no better time of year to spend the day in bed. So take some time away - and end the year with a bang!

Don't Blindly Bring Home a Sex Toy as a Gift

If you're wanting to try a new toy out on yourself, then by all means get it, give it to your partner and tell them to go to town. (That's a gift in itself!)

If, on the other hand, it's your partner's spread legs that are going to be weathering the storm of whatever little device you've got in mind, either go shopping together, start with the very basics - or talk about it first. (Our gift guides have some great suggestions!)


Don't Listen to Bad Christmas Songs

I mean seriously, there's just nothing sexy about Santa Claus coming to town (unless he's packing serious heat and planning on cumming snow all over it). Holiday tunes annoy many people. If they don't put you in the mood, find something sexier.

Don't Expect Too Much

Extra time off over the holidays might get you excited, but pressure is a total killer in the bedroom. That works the other way too. After all, wouldn't you rather just have the great sex, instead of getting caught up in the fact that the new coffee maker you got as a gift was black instead of red, like the one you wanted? I thought so.

Don't Be Afraid to Try Something New

It's not like you're not both going to eat all of that vanilla custard anyway, with or without the plum pudding. Why not both cover each other from top to bottom in the stuff, and spend the night cleaning up every last drop? Merry Christmas, indeed! (Get more delicious tips in A Beginner's Guide to Food Play.)


Make Room for Pleasure

If the holidays are about anything, they're about connecting with people you love. Along with all the other holiday duties, be sure to share some special holiday cheer with your partner.

Happy holidays (and merry fucking Christmas!)

Kinkly Staff

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