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The V-Voyage

Let’s explore the often-overlooked buried treasures of the highly erotic terrain known as the vulva and vagina. With hands, vibes, and curiosity guiding the way, we’ll visit these entry points as we lay down the essential pleasure pathways.

The more you understand your anatomy, the stronger the pleasure pathways can become, and the more fun it is to explore!

We’ll also be offering tips on touching these sensual landmarks as well as how to tap into the power of touch from the inside out via the breath, movement, and of course your own awareness.

Once you have a map, you’ll be able to visit and revisit these erotic markers and unlock the riches inside on your own or with a partner.

  • Tour the valley of the mons pubis and clitoral glans.
  • Walkthrough the halls of the vestibular bulbs.
  • Explore the edges of spongey tissues beyond the G-spot.
  • Travel deep into the ecstasy of the vaginal walls to discover “vaults of pleasure.”
  • Sail through the secret caverns of nerves that hold orgasmic treasures of perfect bliss.

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